Anatolia Café impresses with Turkish taste

Ariana Chriss, Staff Writer

Look, I know what it’s like being in a foreign country…and getting spoiled by the food. It’s as if no other kebab in the world can live up to it.

Luckily though, one can find some pretty great kebab somewhere nearby—at a cute café called Anatolia in Cleveland Heights. They offer just about the best Mediterranean and Middle Eastern options around. Trust me, I know—I’m both Mediterranean and Middle Eastern.

When you walk in, immediately you see charming wooden tables and hints of Turkish flare in the décor. The traditional patterns and the low lighting offer an elegant yet unique atmosphere—perfect for a relaxing meal.

Yet perhaps the meal itself is not relaxed at all—it’s packed with rich flavors and delights.

When I go, there is no question as to what I will order. Kebab reigns above all. I get the “Lamb Adana” kebab, made with ground lamb seasoned with paprika, red bell peppers, and onions.

This delicacy comes with white rice and a side of fries or a cabbage salad. Wanting to try the fries for once, that’s what I chose. No matter, the whole dish is $16.

The price is not bad, especially for such a quality meal. The meat was tender to perfection, going perfectly with the rice. Plus, if Middle Eastern food just isn’t your thing, I can say that the fries were fine, too.

Also, if throughout the meal you’re craving some bread, the waiters actually bring it out for you the minute you sit down.

On the topic of service, the employees there are very courteous and kind. My waitress was fairly quick and concise, so there were no problems whatsoever. Furthermore, the food did not take very long to prepare, so that is always favorable.

And the best way to finish up your meal? Tea—that’s the Middle Eastern way! We all ordered some, and the restaurant made it fresh for us, serving it in nice tea glasses and saucers.

The tea was a good contrast to the apricot juice I had with my dish, which was also a very unique and tasty component to the meal. I love fruit juices you don’t often see, so when I read it on the menu, I had to get it.

Thus, everything tied together quite nicely—the ambience, the food, the service, the culture—for a great experience. So, I would recommend Anatolia Café for anyone seeking a new, cultural escapade.

Senior Isa Ortiz agrees, having eaten at the restaurant several times herself. She said, “I thought the food was very rich and flavorful—really representing the culture.” She also added that she, too, would definitely recommend it.

As would senior Sabrina Ho, who said, “I would 100% recommend it. The price was definitely reasonable and the food was great. I love the appetizers the best!”

Clearly Anatolia Café’s excellence can’t be denied. Try it out whenever you’ve got a hankering for Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food, but you can’t quite snag a ticket to Turkey.

About the Restaurant

Name: Anatolia Café

Location: 2270 Lee Rd, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118


Phone Number: (216) 321-4400

Price: Moderate

Type of Food: Mediterranean/Middle Eastern (Turkish)

Rating: 4/5