Slyman’s disappoints with costly food

Kristen Brunton, Guest Writer

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If you want to pay a ridiculous amount of money for food and sit in an obnoxious environment, this is the perfect restaurant for you.

Slyman’s Tavern East is overpriced and equipped with a loud environment.

Slyman’s is famous for its exceptional corned beef. However, $15 dollars for a corned beef sandwich isn’t worth it.

Our bill was $65 for four people. Three people ordered a corned beef sandwich and the fourth ordered perogies. Along with that we ordered water and one side of fries.

The $15 sandwich included a pickle on the side. The perogies order came with five perogies with sour cream and applesauce on the side.

The sandwich was unproportional with a much larger amount of meat compared to the bread. It was hard to fit in my mouth.

The corned beef was thinly sliced with a gritty texture and was served moderately warm.

Also, the sandwich was presented on a plain white plate with a pickle and had no special decorations. It was just a normal sandwich.

It is insane that a sandwich, with a little side, costs so much.

Not only that, the french fries were an utter disappointment. They resembled the frozen crinkle fries from a bag that you can cook at home. They were not crispy and definitely not worth $3.

The prices were ridiculous and there are similar restaurants with cheaper food.

Slyman’s environment deters me from ever visiting there again.

As a fairly new restaurant in Beachwood, the restaurant was very loud.

We went to Slyman’s to celebrate a family member’s birthday. I was looking forward to catching up with extended family members which proved difficult because of all the noise.

My sister enjoyed song playing in the restaurant, however I could barely hear it. I am disappointed that I missed out on hearing a possibly good playlist because the restaurant was very boisterous.

Abby Withrow came to Slyman’s with my family on Oct. 11. She said “Slyman’s was too loud and I was getting a headache and I wasn’t enjoying myself.”

Slyman’s Tavern is located in the same building as the old Red Robin’s near Harvard park, off I-271.

The lighting was extremely yellow and prevented the evening from being relaxing.

The building was modified to include modern features such as stone walls and wooden tables. It was spacious with comfortable seating and a nice outdoor eating area.

There is a variety of high top tables and regular tables. The high top tables included chairs with backs to provide comfortable seating. There was also a mix of booths and regular chairs throughout the restaurant.

Televisions surround the inside above the indoor fireplace made of stone.

The service at Slyman’s was excellent.

Our waitress was very attentive and seemed knowledgeable on the food options served here.

Shortly after being seated we had drinks and had placed our order. The food was served moderately fast.

The perogies cost $7 dollars but were delicious. The outside was somewhat crispy and the warm potato filling melted in my mouth. Although the applesauce was an interesting side, these two items paired well together.

The perogies looked appetizing as they were served in a small white bowl with grilled onions carefully placed on top.

Though I am not a fan of corned beef, several people surrounding me were impressed with the sandwich.

Slyman’s is similar to Burgers 2 Beer. Burgers 2 Beer specializes in burgers and creates many interesting burger choices such as a burger on a donut.

Just like Burgers 2 Beer, Slyman’s creates interesting combinations with their corned beef. For example you can order fries with shredded corned beef on top or a hotdog with corned beef.

The prices at these two restaurants are also comparable; both places are somewhat overpriced.

However the food at Burgers 2 Beer is worth the cost. The burgers are large, filling and served with tasty fries.

Burgers 2 Beer also caters to a different crowd. Burgers 2 Beer caters more towards adults because of the bar area and creative beer choices. However Slyman’s attracted families.

The bar at Burgers 2 Beer is in the middle of the restaurant while the bar at Slyman’s is off to the side and not the main focal point.

I would give Slyman’s 5 out of 10 pounds of corned beef. If you are willing to pay the cost, the food is decent but the environment is loud and unpleasing.


Slyman’s Tavern East

4009 Orange Place Beachwood OH, 44122 216-292-9610


Corned Beef

5 out of 10 pounds of corned beef

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