Mulligan’s Pub and Grille serves comfort food to community


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With a seat-yourself environment, Mulligan’s offers a variety of comfy dining as well as a relaxing, dimmed atmosphere.

Brianna LaGore, Guest Writer

Mulligan’s Pub and Grille in Highland Hts serves American-style cuisine that leaves local residents craving more.

Mulligans serves a variety of American comfort food including pizza, chicken sandwiches, and juicy, big and greasy sandwiches.

I chose the nachos with chicken to eat since it sounded very appealing.

The appetizer was priced at $12.40 which was enough to feed at least three people and could fill a hungry stomach up like a meal. The nachos are definitely worth the money.

The mound of nachos just made your eyes glow and your mouth water. The salty crisp tortilla chips were topped with warm melted cheese that melted on your tongue. The nachos also had crunchy olives, onions and jalapenos.

Other appetizers like the potato skins ($9.40) and the quesadillas ($8.40) can be someone’s meal due to the size and portions.

From ordering these in the past the sizes of these appetizers are out of this world! The quesadillas take up the whole plate while the potato skins take up about three fourths.

As a meal, I had the crispy chicken and bacon sandwich ($10.55) that could be devoured in a number of seconds due to the crisp, juicy bacon layered on top of steaming hot crunchy and mouth watering chicken.

This sandwich came with a heaping pile of greasy fries which would remind you of the cup full of carnival fries on a hot summer day. The price is more than reasonable for this delicious sandwich.

When you first enter Mulligans, there is no hostess, as it’s a seat yourself environment, enabling you to pick your style of dining-booth or table. You’re also accompanied by relaxing country music and dimmed lighting that makes the environment relaxing.

When I sat down at Mulligans my eyes were automatically drawn to the amount of decorations on the walls.

Not only did it include many golf decorations but also many tvs with a variety of sports channels displayed, perfect to watch Sunday football or any other big game.

Mulligan’s also has Pizza night on Wednesdays from 6pm to midnight and Wing nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm to midnight that offers 55 cent boneless wings and 65 cent traditional wings.

Mulligans is not only a restaurant but the pub can also host parties with a spacious area large enough to hold a gathering of over thirty people. With the relaxing environment and mouth watering comfort food, Mulligans would be a great place to hold a birthday party.

Although Mulligans may sound like a hole-in-one, it does have a few bunkers.

Since it’s a local restaurant it is perfect for a date night even for teenagers, yet when I went my service took as long as 15 minutes to have a waitress come to the table.

Also many workers shot me a look like I didn’t belong in a pub, so it may discourage other teens from eating there.

Also due to being young in a pub, the waitress’ were not polite treating me as if I wasn’t a paying customer or my money wasn’t good enough for them.

Applebee’s is very similar to Mulligan’s due to the relaxing and comfy environment that the restaurant offers. Mulligan’s is very different when compared to Applebee’s since Applebee’s can be noisy due to little kids running around or screaming.

At Mulligan’s since it is a bar, it is rare for little kids to be brought into, allowing date night to be peaceful and quite.

Junior Dominic Santoro visits Mulligan’s often and greatly enjoys the variety of food and the comfy environment. He said, “Mulligan’s has a great menu, having many options to choose from. Also it’s very relaxing due to it being quiet with barely any kids in the restaurant.”

I would still highly recommend Mulligans Pub and Grille not only because it is local, but also due to the very welcoming, warm, cozy environment and the steamy hot food that makes your taste buds dance, wanting more each time. I would definitely give Mulligan’s four golf clubs out five golf clubs!