Breakfast cart rolls into MHS


Christina Rufo

Sophomore Ethan Barnes purchases breakfast on his way to first period.

Christina Rufo, Staff Writer

A new and improved breakfast cart has been installed right outside the spirit store.

The cart offers various breakfast items and even has the pin pad system to go along with students’ lunch accounts.

The cart is run mainly by cafeteria aid Denise DiTomas. According to DiTomas, the cart is open daily from the start of school until 9:35, which is the start of third period.

The main purpose for the breakfast cart was to offer selections to students who cannot make it to the cafeteria before homeroom. The cafeteria closes and breakfast is not available after 7:30.

According to cafeteria manager Sandi Smith, Excel TECC kids also benefit from the cart because it is right by their bus exit, allowing them to grab a quick snack.

The location of the cart is conveniently in the center of the school, making it accessible to all students. Students can stop by in between their transit to the buses and/or the Innovation Center.

The breakfast cart has been in the making since last year.

Smith said, “The idea for the cart came from a collaboration between the lunch ladies, and the head boss, Robin Smeal.”

The breakfast cart was first established near the end of last year. DiTomas mainly runs the cart herself every morning.

Many do not know where the cart is, or what it is for, but word has begun to spread.

DiTomas said, “Business is starting to finally pick up. At first it was slow, but everyday we seem to be getting a little more business.”

Although business is still light, some students regularly use the cart as a convenience to their schedule.

Junior Domenic Michalk buys from the cart about three times a week. He said, “It helps me get my breakfast on my way to homeroom.”

The cart offers premade coffee and snacks, like chips, fruit snacks, cereal, as well as Uncrustables, and the breakfast of the day.

DiTomas said, “Coffee seems to be our biggest seller, as well as our snacks.”

Michalk said, “The breakfast cart is helpful for me because sometimes I can’t make it to the cafeteria before it closes, but the breakfast cart stays open all morning.”

According to Michalk, the breakfast cart is in need of some minor improvements. He said, “More options would be great and would help bring more customers.”

DiTomas said, “I’m here every morning, ready to serve.”