Junior develops unhealthy eating habits during pandemic


Creative Commons: Needpix.com

During the spring, junior Andrew Suster enjoyed eating candy and ice cream most of all.

Nolan Kern, Guest Writer

During the COVID-19 stay-at-home order, junior Andrew Suster developed a bad habit of eating unhealthy foods and becoming overweight.

Suster’s habit caused him to consume well over double the average amount of calories a human should consume per day and he was totally fine after eating all the food. He said, “I ate probably 5000 calories on average every day.”

It wasn’t just temptation that caused all this consumption, but rather the quarantine, not being able to see his friends, being alone and no one to hang with that caused him to start all the eating. He said, “I was depressed that I couldn’t go see anyone, and the more bored I got the more food I ate.”

Suster says he mostly supplied himself with the food he ate and bought it with his own money his mom pitching in too and he lost a lot of money to food fatty, unhealthy foods. He said, “My mom and me when my mom went to buy groceries I would go with her and buy stuff for myself.”

It was not just food that Suster ate but rather mostly junk food and unhealthy sugary options that the depression of quarantine weighed on him. He said, “I ate tons of ice cream and sweet things like candy.”

A witness to Suster’s habits is Richie Murray and the basic meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner were doubled when they were together. He said, “When I hung out with Andrew, he ate six meals to himself ”

Murray was scared for his Suster and all the food he ate ranging from unhealthy fats to tons of carbs and tried to help him not become overweight. He said, “I was really scared he was going to be fat.”

Suster was not happy or content with the way he was eating but continued to do so because the loneliness was catching up to him. He said, “I felt very depressed and gross when I was eating like that.”

Suster is scared to return to that state if he were to ever again and doesn’t want to, but he might if, God forbid, times ever get as deep and lonely for Andrew as they. He said, “I don’t want to eat that much again but maybe I would.”