Q&A: English teacher journeys to Jersey


Zeete, Wikimedia Commons

English teacher Lacy Long-Goldberg enjoys much of the scenery in Cape May, especially the town’s historic homes.

Danny Sherman, Guest Writer

In an exclusive interview, The Paw Print’s Danny Sherman sat down with English teacher Mrs. Lacy Long-Goldberg to discuss her upcoming trip to Cape May, New Jersey.

Danny: Thank you for taking the time to sit down and interview with me. Why did you choose Cape May as a vacation spot?

Long-Goldberg: It has been a place that my husband’s family and I have been going to for a few years. So this is going to be our third vacation to Cape May.

Danny: That’s good that you found a spot that you like. Who are you going with?

Long-Goldberg: I will be going with my husband’s family, so it’s my mother-in-law, father-in-law, my brother-in-law, his wife, and their child, and then some of their family from New York.

Danny: Oh, that’s a lot of people! Where do you plan on staying during your trip, do you have a family house that you go to, or like a go-to condo?

Long-Goldberg: So we have been staying at this same condo, so it’s going to be the third time we have stayed at this condo. It’s pretty close to the beach. There’s a few floors and it’s really nice. Convenient location to basically everything, too.

Danny: Sounds nice! How do you guys plan on getting there?

Long-Goldberg: We are actually going to drive, so I think my mother-in-law is planning on renting a large van. And I know at least my husband and I will go with our mother-in-law, father-in-law. And then I think my brother and sister-in-law and their baby are going to go separate just ’cause they will have to stop halfway to spend the night because the baby cant travel for a long period of time.

Danny: And new Jersey isn’t that far, like I’ve driven down to Florida and all of that.

Long-Goldberg: It’s like nine or 10 hours, so it’s not that bad.

Danny: Yeah, not too bad! Why did you choose the last week of June? Is there a specific reason or that’s just the time you think you will have the best weather?

Long-Goldberg: We are all teachers so June works out because it gives us a little time after school ends for us to relax and take care of stuff around the house. It’s like that midway point during the summer, so it’s not too close to when school starts so we are not stressed out and so it should be maximum relaxation.

Danny: The weather is probably the best for going to beaches and everything too. What do you plan on doing during this vacation?

Long-Goldberg: We go to the beach a lot. It’s a really nice beach, so it’s like the southernmost tip of New Jersey, and it’s really beautiful. There are a lot of pretty Victorian houses around so we like to walk through the neighborhoods. The neighborhoods have a lot of lighthouses and things so we will probably visit some lighthouses and there’s just some really cool shops and stuff with really cool, funky local art. There’s also a great hotdog restaurant that we like to go to and they also have frozen orange freezes and it’s really good.

Danny: I went to Daytona beach a couple of years ago and that’s all we did was just look at the big $3 million houses on the water. What are you excited about the most?

Long-Goldberg: I think the most exciting thing I’m looking forward to is the ocean. The beaches are really nice, so I’m excited to post up by the ocean and get some waves and sit in the sun.

Danny: Sounds really relaxing! Last question, how do you think COVID will affect your vacation?

Long-Goldberg: I think that we will definitely be wearing masks around and taking precautions, maybe just spending more time as a family unit than just like indoors and buildings and things. Things like more beach trips and grilling out instead of going out to eat.

Danny: You have to find that balance between safety and fun, I understand. Cool, thank you so much for your time.

Long-Goldberg: You’re very welcome!