Volleyball team raises money in annual fundraiser


Kelsey Mize

The varsity volleyball team prepares to play in the Cure game. The Wildcats were victorious, as they topped Madison 3-2. Varsity captain Maya Webb said about the fundraiser, “I love seeing people come together to support such a good cause.”

Kelsey Mize, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Sept. 28, the volleyball program hosted its annual Dig Pink fundraiser.

Varsity volleyball coach Rosella Glodkowski has led volleyball fundraisers every year since she acquired the coaching position 13 years ago.

Through this fundraiser, Glodkowski teams together with her student-athletes to raise money for breast cancer research. She said, “One can only hope that new strategies are developed to allow more to achieve remission.”

Varsity captain Maya Webb has publicized the fundraiser to her peers. “We raise a lot of money each year through the selling of t-shirts and raffle baskets. I love seeing people come together to support such a good cause,” she said.

Glodkowski opened this fundraiser to all three team levels and has applauded freshman coach Abby Jones for her help. Glodkowski said, “Fundraising opens the door for more conversations with me, my players, and other coaches which we might not have had if we focused on volleyball only.”

Varsity player Danielle Daher also had a good time organizing this fundraiser since it develops a stronger bond between her and her teammates. “We get to decorate the gym and play together to make a successful, memorable night,” she said.

Not only is the volleyball team involved in this fundraiser but the whole community as well. Webb said, “I think it’s a great way to raise awareness about a special cause and it’s a great way to get the entire school and community involved.”

Even though this fundraiser helps the fighters of breast cancer, it has also given Daher a chance to help the community. “This fundraiser makes me very proud to be a part of the Mayfield Volleyball organization,” she said.

Glowdowski is grateful that her players are able to receive an experience that helps others in need. “The internal impact among our athletes is that a person can take an idea or dream and turn it into a reality for the benefit of others,” she said.

Glowdowski plans to do more fundraisers in the future with a goal of one per year. She said, “Other fundraiser goals [but not limited to] Kids Kicking Cancer create a student scholarship, Make a Wish, and/or help a family in need in the community.”