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Emily Byrne 18-19
Emily Byrne is a junior staff member at The Paw Print.

She has attended Mayfield since preschool and has been writing pieces of all topics and types since she was 5 years old. She enjoys reading, binge-watching a variety of Netflix shows, and spending time with her weird friends. Byrne loves her dog Ava, even though she sleeps and sheds on her pillow at night. Byrne also enjoys buying lots of clothes she never ends up wearing that accumulate on the floor of her closet. She has a large family, including six aunts and uncles, all with children who have children, and so on.

Byrne’s mom has always supported her passion for writing and she thinks that’s why she enjoys it today.

You can contact Byrne on Twitter at @eemilybyrne.

Emily Byrne, Staff Writer

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