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Juliana Fimiani
Juliana Fimiani is a senior staff member at The Paw Print.

She attended St Paschal’s and eventually transferred to Mayfield in the seventh grade. Through the many years of her education, Juliana has always had a passion for English classes that had writing involved. When essays were assigned and everyone was complaining, Juliana was eager to complete them. In her sophomore year, Juliana signed up for her first news writing class with Mr. Somich. She enjoyed the course and knew that honors news writing would be perfect for her junior year! Outside of school and work, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, and listening to her favorite music. She also loves going shopping for more clothes that she doesn't need, and binge watching her favorite tv series “Friends.”

After high school, Juliana hopes to attend Kent State to major in Interior Design but still wants to use her love for writing throughout her life.

You can contact Juliana on Twitter at @julianafimiani5

Juliana Fimiani, Staff Writer

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