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Teresa Aniev 16-17
Teresa Aniev is a senior and is entering her second year as a member of The Paw Print.

Before high school, Teresa's only desired experience with the media and news was reading the comics section of The Plain Dealer. But after taking a news writing course in high school and reacting to a more global aspect of media through her French class, she became increasingly interested in news writing, so much so that she decided to join the staff of The Paw Print.

In addition to helping work on the school newspaper, Teresa enjoys watching How I Met Your Mother, reading fantasy and realistic fiction books, and writing free style. After her experiences at Mayfield High School, Teresa would like to attend a college in which she can pursue a major in anesthesiology and a minor in journalism. From there she hopes to find the best of both worlds in terms of writing and a science-related theme.

You can contact Teresa at [email protected].

Teresa Aniev, Staff Writer

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