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Catherine Coppersmith
Catherine Coppersmith is a senior staff writer at The Paw Print.

She has been in the Mayfield system since kindergarten and found a passion in news writing when she took it the first semester of junior year. She enjoys being able to write news that allows people to see into the Mayfield district. When she isn’t at school she spends her time drawing, painting and playing the clarinet as well as spending time with her family. She finds herself drawn to all things cute and happy and all adorable things she can get her hands on. Her family is large, including her parents, her four sisters, five pairs of aunts and uncles and three pairs of grandparents.

Her parents have found her interest in news writing and have encouraged her to continue her journey as a writer in The Paw Print.

You can contact Catherine on Instagram @thecloudycats or her email [email protected]

Catherine Coppersmith, Staff Writer

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Catherine Coppersmith