Student travels to Michigan over holiday break


Waner family

While in Michigan with his siblings and parents, Tommy Waner visits his cousins.

Jessica Lieberman, Staff Writer

During winter break, sophomore Tommy Waner traveled to Michigan with his family in order to visit distant relatives after not being able to see them for quite a while. 

Waner doesn’t have as many chances to travel and visit his family in Michigan as he does in the summer. He said, “Like we try to go up once a month usually but we go way more frequently in the summer because there is less school and work. Long weekends we usually go up, like if there is a day off Monday, we will go up and then during breaks we will normally go.” 

Waner mostly just played games and relaxed with his family. He said, “We didn’t really go out much because we hadn’t seen each other in a while and just wanted to spend time together and in the winter there isn’t much you can do with as big a family as we have.”

Due to them living farther away, he prioritized spending time with his family. He said, “Just talking with them, knowing what’s happening with them and having some fun with them is always good.”

Waner enjoys spending the most time with his cousin, but still recognizes visiting other members is important. He said, “I think it’s still good to spend time with my grandpa because you know he is pretty old and so sometimes someone has to stay with him and we can help with the dogs, so usually I am the one to stay and help out.” 

The ride driving up to Michigan is boring according to Waner. He said, “Usually it is kind of silent and sometimes there will be arguments but I just kind of ignore it. But yeah, I normally just try to sleep, relax, and do whatever.”

His family sleeps in his aunt’s basement during the trip with his other family members. He said, “Usually my parents get the larger bed, I usually end up sleeping on the floor but I’m fine with that and then usually my sister gets the pull out bed.”

He feels pretty normal when he has to go back home. He said, “I enjoy spending time with them and I’d like to spend more but I get why it has to end.” 

When he and his family arrive back in Ohio, they still keep in touch with his other family members. He said, “We usually call once a week or something. That’s mainly just my mom doing it but my other side of the family gives us updates like every day because they text us.”