Viral cookie shop serves delicious cookies


Hannah Birnbaum

Wow! Crumbl Cookies in Mentor are definitely social media worthy.

Hannah Birnbaum, Staff Writer

If you are looking for flavorful, unique, and aesthetically-pleasing cookies, Crumbl Cookies in Mentor is the perfect place for you.

My friend and I went to Crumbl on a Friday afternoon. The cookie shop’s located in a shopping plaza on Mentor Avenue, near Heisley.

Crumbl offers different sized boxes on their menu. They sell single cookies for $3.50, a 4 pack box for $11.50, and the 6 pack box for $16.50. The party box, which has 12 cookies, sells for $28.75. They also sell milk and water bottles for $1.00 and $2.25, respectively.

As I opened the millennial pink colored box at a table outside, I immediately took out my phone and snapped a picture of the perfectly decorated cookies.

The first cookie I tried was the Milk Chocolate Chip. It had perfectly crunchy edges, and the middle was warm, soft, and melted in your mouth. The cookie was sprinkled with gooey, milky chocolate chips.

Next, I tried the Caramel Pumpkin cookie. It was served warm with fluffy, lightweight, caramel flavored frosting. The cookie was pumpkin flavored and perfectly baked.

The Classic Oatmeal cookie was not as flavorful as the rest, but was still baked with quality, being warm with a soft inside.

The Galaxy Brownie themed cookie was topped with rainbow candy pieces and chocolate icing and tasted just like a Cosmic Brownie. It had a rich chocolate flavor and was served warm.

The Cookie Dough cookie was a bit different from the rest, as it was served chilled instead of warm. It had a dense center and had fluffy vanilla frosting on top, topped with cookie dough pieces and chocolate chips.

Last, I tried the Classic Sugar cookie, which, like the Milk Chocolate Chip, is always served at Crumbl. This one was also chilled and the delicious almond extract taste was evident. This cookie was my personal favorite, topped with thick, pink frosting.

Although the cookies were amazing, they were so big and heavy that I couldn’t even finish one. Crumbl offers smaller cookies as well, but those only come in catering orders.

Senior Genny Kootsouradis, who has also tried Crumbl Cookies, thought the cookies can be a bit too big and filling. “I don’t see ones that big being sold anywhere else,” she said.

Like many others who have tried cookies from Crumbl, I discovered it from Tik Tok and other social media sites.

Junior Grace Sherlock thinks Crumbl’s quick success comes from social media exposure. “Before Tik Tok, no one really knew about it. Once we found out about it, we all waited each week to find out the weekly flavors. Then, [Crumbl locations] started popping up all over the world, and people posted videos with their cookies which made it extra popular,” she said.

Junior Jessica Jilek, who loved Crumbl when she tried it, said her favorite part about the viral bakery was the weekly flavors and the element of surprise. “I would recommend Crumbl because there’s so much variety having different flavors every week. I think Crumbl is successful because having different flavors gets people excited and intrigued to see which flavors are next,” she said.

As soon as you enter the millennial pink themed store, you are greeted with the scent of freshly baked cookies in all different flavors you never even thought could exist.

As we waited in line to place our order, I couldn’t help but observe the hard working employees carefully making and decorating the cookies behind the glass windows. Our cookies were ready pretty fast, even with the volume of people in the store. I also noticed people ordering from tablets if they didn’t want to wait in line, or just picking up online orders they had placed.

Kootsouradis thought Crumbl’s service and the inside of the store was top-notch. “They were busy when I went, but they got through the line pretty quickly. We weren’t waiting for that long. I like how you’re able to watch them make the cookies right in front of you, I thought that’s really cool,” she said.

The kind employee showed us our cookies before he gave them to us, just to make sure they were up to our specifications. The cookies were ginormous and perfectly decorated, which explained the higher price point.

Sherlock, who also loved Crumbl Cookies when she made the venture out to Mentor, called the employees “super friendly.” She said, “Before they give them to you, they open the box to make sure your flavors are right to make sure you’re getting the right cookies. They also do curbside for people that would like to do that.”

Although Crumbl has its negatives, I had an overall positive experience, and would give it a rating of 4.5 out of 5 cookies. I can’t wait to go back to try next week’s flavors!