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Conan Gray’s release hits home for artist, fans alike


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Conan Gray shows his growth from his first five-song EP, “Sunset Season” with the release of his new album, “Kid Krow.”

Ali Wank, Guest Writer

“Kid Krow” takes flight as artist Conan Gray’s debut album, and it truly shocked fans all over the world.

The album is the perfect soundtrack to your coming-of-age film, filled with late nights with friends and the worst heartbreaks you could imagine.

This album goes deeper into his own life and how much he has learned since his EP, as he gets personal in just about every track, from talking about his best friends to his exes. He found a way to make his radio-hits, like ‘Maniac’, seem just as genuine as his slower ballads, such as “The Cut That Always Bleeds.”

Gray has always been vocal about appreciating platonic love in his music. The album opener “Comfort Crowd” is a perfect example of this.

“We mess around/and laugh too loud/…By blood we’re bound,” Gray sings.

It perfectly captures feeling completely free around someone and having a shoulder to lean on in the toughest times.

“Wish You Were Sober” comes in with a bang and really displays the singers pop influences, such as Taylor Swift and Lorde. The song has a very upbeat melody, but in contrast, it shows lyrics of rejection and frustration with the singer’s counterpart shown in the song’s chorus: “Kiss me in the seat of your Rover/Real sweet, but I wish you were sober.”

The two unconventional songs are “Online Love” and “Can We Be Friends?” – which last under a minute and were written as interludes placed in the middle of the album. They help provide further context and emotion to the bigger tracks and are meant for those who listen to the record in its entirety.

In an interview with radio host Zach Sang, Gray said, “The interludes…I wrote purely just for the fans. I’m not out here trying to make an interlude a top Billboard hit.”

One song that is arguably the most powerful on the album is “Heather.” The lyrics tell the story of Gray’s significant other beginning to fall for someone else and Gray’s only thought: “I wish I were Heather.”

It’s resentful and jealous, yet admiring of her throughout the song. It’s also relatable in the sense that everyone has hated someone who seemed to live the perfect life, in a way, everyone has had a Heather.

The album’s closer, “The Story,” is by far the most personal song on this album. It tells the true stories of people Gray knew when he was a kid, who all met tragic ends. Leaving fans with a sense of hope after it seems like there is none, the closing line goes: “It’s not the end of the story.”

In an interview with MTV, Gray said, “’The Story’ is a song I wish I would’ve had as a kid. I wish someone came up…and said ‘hey kid it’s all going to be okay’.”

The song is definitely a beacon of light for those going through hard times, saying that the story is not over and there’s more to come.

In the end, “Kid Krow” takes listeners through the highest highs and lowest lows of growing up and becoming an adult, with a closure that leaves them wanting more. Definitely give it a try.