Mayfield Hts. Aquatic, Community center now under construction


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The Mayfield Heights Aquatic and Community Center will open sometime in Summer 2023.

Danielle Prilepskiy, Staff Writer

After a recent survey asking local residents if they would support a new pool in the place of the Ross C. DeJohn Community Center was completed, the town of Mayfield Heights has decided to start construction for the Aquatic & Community Center.

According to, the budget for the project is $35 million. This center will be located on Marsol Road near Interstate 271, and will be a single story, 30,733 square foot building which contains a whopping 40 foot high water slide.

Alongside the water park, there will also be a gym which will contain many features. Mayor Anthony DiCicco told Jeff Piorkowski of The News-Herald, “The gym will include one or two basketball courts, two volleyball courts, up to six pickleball courts, and bleachers”.

The original project of the water park turning into a community center took some consideration. “We need this center because as of right now we have no facility like it for our community. We can look over it, piece by piece and continue to debate it, but in the end we need a community center,” Mayor DiCicco told Jeff Piorkowski of

After a close 4-3 vote among Mayfield Heights council members Donald Manno, Susan Sabetta, Michael Ballistrea, Diane Snider, Jimmy Tersei, Robert DeJohn, and Nino Monaco, the idea of both an aquatic center and community center was approved on January 10, 2022.

Construction for this project has already begun, with architectural firms working together. These include LevelHEADS, GDP Group, and AMHigley Co.

Sophomore Anu Ravi, a Mayfield Heights resident, supports the council’s decision to make this project. She said, “I’ve always loved swimming as a kid and I’m considering joining the swim team this year, so I think it’s a great idea. Mayfield Heights has less than other parts of Mayfield, so this would be a nice addition. I’ll definitely visit!”

Junior Owen Milroy, also a Mayfield Heights resident, is looking forward to the new construction. He said, “I used to be a competitive swimmer, so it seems like a cool new addition to Mayfield. Based on what I’ve heard, I might go there onces it opens.”

Another junior and Mayfield Heights resident, Tina Nguyen, agrees that this is an exciting project for the city’s residents. Nguyen said, “It seems like it could take a big chunk out of our budget, but it’ll definitely be a nice place for many families. I like the idea!”

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