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Governor’s business shutdown hurts local restaurants

Many restaurants are trying to find new ways to stay open. Crostatas on Bishop Road has now opened up a new patio area to allow customers to come in and dine.
May 19, 2020

On March 15, Gov. Mike Dewine ordered that all restaurants close their doors for dine-in, and since then, businesses haven’t been the same. Many small restaurants have taken a hit during these unprecedented...

Mayfield Village restaurant makes adjustments to stay open

Since mid-March, Pizzazz employees have been offering curbside pickup to limit traffic in the lobby of their restaurant.  Employee Katelyn Kasprisin said,
May 4, 2020

While many businesses are closing because of lack of income and inability to follow governmental guidelines, restaurants like Pizzazz Pizzeria in Mayfield Village are making adjustments to remain open. Val...

Lyndhurst business seeks to help clients affected by COVID-19

SCREEN SHARE: Wellspring uses software like Zoom and GoToMeeting to conduct video calls with their firm. The calls help them with their planning and client management.
April 24, 2020

As businesses are starting to shut down because of the inability to receive income from their sales, some businesses, like Wellspring Financial Advisors in Lyndhurst, are starting to step in and help. Michael...

Ohio seeks authorization of mask sterilization technology

Battelle employees build a Battelle CCDS Critical Care Decontamination System™
April 8, 2020

On March 29, 2020, Gov. Mike DeWine made a direct appeal to the FDA for full authorization of Columbus-based Battelle’s new mask sterilization technology. The governor said that the FDA had granted...

Trump extends social distancing order

President Trump delivers the new social distance guidelines from the Rose Garden as he addresses the media.
April 8, 2020

President Donald Trump has announced that the nationwide social distancing guidelines will remain through the end of April. Previously, Trump issued a two-week timeframe which was set to expire a day...

Pizza Roto serves training program to its employees

The newest Pizza Roto location is on the corner of Wilson Mills Road and Miner Road.  It opens daily at 11am.
January 29, 2020

Pizza Roto in Highland Heights has been hiring workers through online job websites and teaching them through a four-day training program. Tito Velez, the manager at Pizza Roto, finds it an easy task...

Investment firm stresses benefits of investing early

A large Edward Jones sign welcomes clients as they enter the Highland Heights firm.
May 28, 2019

A man sits in a plush, comfortable chair; his legs bouncing up and down with impatience and anxiousness. He peers down at the lightened screen of his phone and a smile spreads across his face at the picture...

American Hungarian Friends of Scouting recruits new leader

Matthew Szigeti (standing in white) singing with the Cub Scouts at a scout outing on Saturday May 11, 2019.
May 26, 2019

The American Hungarian Friends of Scouting (AHFS) Görgey Arthur Troop 14 recently appointed Matthew Szigeti as their new troop leader. AHFS is a non-profit organization that sponsors the Cleveland...

Local business owners experience rocky path yet still succeed

Working from home for a few hours, Kathleen LaGore uploads pictures of inventory to the business’s eBay page, while Chip LaGore works to fix a broken printer, that will later be displayed on eBay.
May 25, 2018

Flexible hours and endless, nonstop working lifestyle is how Chip and Kathleen LaGore would describe themselves who are owners of a small and local electronics recycling business. Chip LaGore, who named...

Alisha Bausone played at coffee shops for many years

Bausone during a performance.
March 14, 2018

Alisha Bausone, a chemist recruiter, used to play the guitar and piano at coffee shops for many years. Bausone admitted that she had butterflies on stage, but the casual and warm coffee shop environment...

Michael Christopher Salon hires talented stylists

Michael Christopher Salon hires talented stylists
January 19, 2018

Michael Christopher Salon buzzed with business as the holidays came and went in December. Christmas promo packages, new hot tools and fresh hair dyes were in the air and individuals everywhere were...

Produce Place expands with third location

The third Produce Place location opened this year in Lyndhurst.
December 18, 2017

A striving local business has begun making its mark by starting from a small tent on the corner of SOM Center and Chardon Road to a three store, family run market. Produce Place Market, formerly known...

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