Student purchases Quizlet Plus

Sophomore Gianna Condelli completes Quizlet Plus questions.

Gianna Condelli

Sophomore Gianna Condelli completes Quizlet Plus questions.

Victoria Januszewski, Staff Writer

Sophomore Gianna Condelli was upset with the change of Quizlet, so she bought Quizlet Plus.

Condelli was finally less stressed with finding a good study method. She said, “I feel like I have a backup not just reading a book to study, or making flashcards on paper because that’s very time-consuming. It’s so much less stressful and less time consuming when I am making different ways to study and different study sets and I just feel like I have a whole plan laid out already.”

She decided it was necessary to purchase Quizlet plus. She said, “I felt the need to purchase it when I had no reliable way to track my study method and especially since last year I used it for almost every test. I wanted to get it again and use the same methods I used before.”

Condelli felt a sense of relief after the purchase. She said, “I feel like the relief comes from the fact that I had it last year and I was so accustomed to using it. Now that I have it back I feel like I’m back in the swing of things and ready to keep studying.”

She made the purchase when school started. She said, “Towards the beginning of the year when I was struggling to find ways to study, I had to purchase Quizlet plus.”

Condelli’s parents bought Quizlet plus for her. She said, “They know how much it benefited me last year and so far this year it really helped. They promote anything they can for my learning.”

In Condelli’s opinion, the memorization of her academic context has grown. Condelli said, “Since it’s the beginning of the year I haven’t seen much change since grades aren’t really in yet. I can definitely speak for the fact that my memorization skills have gotten better and my test taking has been less stressful.”

She has gotten many new features from the purchase. She said, “There are so many new features that I have earned like audio recordings, diagrams, unlimited learn mode, and unlimited tests. I think it’s very worth it.”

Francesca Diaiso, a student in her grade, has noticed a change in Condelli’s confidence. Diaiso said, “I think that it was a good purchase for her because she can now use all the features and she can study whatever she wants whenever she wants using whatever features she wanted to. If she didn’t purchase it then she would only have flashcards which doesn’t work for everyone.”

Diaiso has seen the results Condelli’s study method gives her. Diaiso said, “She can get good grades on her tests. That will overall help her throughout all of high school if she has good grades because of Quizlet plus.”

Diaiso has noticed the certain features Condelli enjoys the most. Diasio said, “I think she likes learn the best because it really imprints it into her mind. It’s just a good studying method.”

Condelli wants to see Quizlet plus be accessible for all again. Condelli said “I mean overall I wish that Quizlet plus reverted back to its old platform free for all users. In reality, if I had the power to reach out to the corporation and speak to them about how many students are impacted every day I would really like for them to hear me out and try to adapt their business along with other lives.”