Teachers, students get ready for Memorial Day weekend


Danne, Pexels

Memorial Day events will be celebrated all weekend, including one at Whitehaven Memorial Park in Mayfield Village this Sunday at 1:00pm. For more information, visit their official Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/492227593109738

Danielle Prilepskiy, Staff Writer

With Memorial Day approaching, Mayfield families are arranging plans with friends and family to celebrate. These plans range from cookouts, movies, and just seeing each other for the holiday.

English teacher Nick Somich is planning on going to his mom and dad’s house for a cookout. He said, “We’re going to have hot dogs, hamburgers, and more. My brothers and sisters and their spouses will be coming over from areas within a 15 mile radius from Mayfield, so it’ll be an opportunity for all the grandkids to come together. We have a trampoline and a swingset in the backyard.”

Somich thinks one of the main parts of the holiday is preparing activities for the kids to enjoy. He said, “At this stage of my life, it’s a lot about what the kids are able to do, so as parents, it’s a lot of fun to get the cousins all together. Personally, I enjoy getting to spend time with my siblings by watching the Guardians, talking about how we’re all doing with our jobs, and how we’re doing with our families, and just starting to plan our summers and all of that.”

With all the families being busy with things like rec leagues and things they or their kids participate in, Somich likes the whole-hearted family time when they get together. He said, “This is something we do every year, like a hallmark we look forward to. Our mom tells us things we might do, like cook barbecue chicken, cheesy potatoes, different side dishes, just details like that. We have a whole spread that we enjoy for the five or six hours we celebrate.”

There are also many birthdays that are celebrated on Memorial Day because of their proximity to the holiday. Somich said, “We have some birthdays that are in May and my sister’s birthday is in June, so sometimes it turns into a celebration of birthday parties. It allows us to do a couple of things at once by letting us celebrate those special occasions if we haven’t been able to because of travel schedules and things like that.”

Sophomore Nicole Murphy is planning to celebrate at a relative’s house. She said, “My family is going to celebrate my mom’s birthday because it’s two days before Memorial Day. We’re going to go to my Grandma’s, who’s about 30 minutes away, and just spend some time over there. There’s going to be pizza (probably sausage since that’s our favorite) and salad.”

Murphy will spend the day after with her friends. She said, “I’m going to stay at my Grandma’s overnight, but the next day we’re going to go back to Mayfield. My friends and I are probably just going to hang out and continue the celebration.”

Just like the others, junior Owen Milroy is going to spend time with his family, but instead by babysitting. He said, “My cousins are going out of town for the Memorial Day weekend and they needed someone to watch their eight month old. My mom and I are going to babysit her and just celebrate her company. We’ll also order takeout and probably watch a movie together.”

As well as babysitting, Milroy has plans with his family to go to University Square. He said, “Once my cousins come back, my family might go downtown and buy some food or watch one of the performances at Playhouse Square. This isn’t a tradition we have, but it’s always fun to look around and go to a restaurant, or buy something from one of the many stores.”

Memorial Day will be on Monday, May 29 this year. It’s celebrated by families all around the country as an honoring of the many who have died while serving in the United States armed forces.