Talent show amazes Mayfield spectators


Senior vocalist Natalia Alicea and junior tap dancer Perris Lewis won the honor of an encore performance. Photo by Jared Serre.

JOE DENARDO, Staff Writer

Mayfield’s 2015 Talent Show “Searching for Stars” brought the crowd to its feet as the Wildcats amazed audiences with their spectacular skills.

Leading the festivities were Senior Class Advisor Nick Somich, Senior Class President Kirstin Favazzo, and the other senior class officers who pieced together a show filled with a variety of unbelievable acts.

“The Talent Show gave me a chance to work with people I never really got the chance to talk to,” Favazzo said. “It’s important because it allows everyone to show off their unseen skills they do outside school.”

Favazzo and the other class officers wanted to audition and feature students with a wide reaching variety of talents so the show could be as interesting as possible.

“I liked having different types of acts because it makes the show seem like less of a competition and more of a showcase of our talent,” Favazzo said. “In my opinion having that relaxed atmosphere helps people perform their best and have the most fun while they’re on stage.”

With over fifteen acts, ranging in variety from singing to contortion, the show left the crowd on edge the entire night with students from each graduating class performing.

Senior Vocalist Natalia Alicea and junior tap dancer Perris Lewis won the honor of an encore performance as the officers felt they were the most amazing acts.

“Natalia’s voice is beautiful, and we believe her talent got better each year she has been in the show. And Perris is such a unique talent. They were an easy choice to win this year’s show,” said Somich.

Other highlights of the night included Max Zarin’s mind-blowing dance routine to kick off the show, an electrifying performance by the Mayfield Drumline, Evolution’s final jam session on the auditorium stage, Jordan Bobo and Roberto Valetta donning their “Tight Pants,” and Tim Carlile and Kevin Guzik’s video that featured Mayfield’s faculty getting their groove on.

“When Tim and Kevin’s video came on the place went nuts,” Somich said. “It went over the requested time limit but I told them ‘Don’t cut anything. It’s perfect!’”

While the night is about showcasing the school’s finest talent, Somich explained there’s another reason for the show. “It’s a way to raise money for all the wonderful things the Senior Class has planned,” he said.

In all the show raised over $3000 for the upcoming Senior Banquet and brought together a community for one unforgettable night.

“We had 525 tickets sold,” Somich said. “So including participants and those working behind the scenes we had nearly 600 people at the show.”