Legan strong candidate for ‘Face of Mayfield’


Photo by Kate Bakhtiyarova

Principal Jeff Legan, shown at the Breakfast with Santa event with his family, is picked by many as the “Face of Mayfield.”

Joe DeNardo, Staff Writer

Just who is the Face of Mayfield? Over a thousand students, staff and administrators roam the halls daily, but which Wildcat stands out from the rest?

Junior Tim Carlile believes it’s principal Jeff Legan.

“Just thinking about Mr. Legan, he’s the one who comes to mind when you hear ‘Face of Mayfield’ because he’s so committed and open to his students,” said Carlile.

“I’m truly invested in Mayfield,” Legan said. “This isn’t just a job; it‟s part of my life!”

I think Mr. Legan has done a fantastic job in his first year,” said Trevor McGrath. “He went to Mayfield so he knows that we value good relationships for everyone.”

Legan, in his first year as Mayfield‟s principal, has never backed down in being a leader who can be open and have fun with his students while also knowing when to be serious, especially at a school that‟s respected statewide academically.

“We need to build relationships and communicate to make this school a better place for everyone,” Legan said. “I’ve always valued relationships and trust with people, and I think that has direct influence on us balancing between coming to school and being successful.”

Dedication, relating with students, and being fresh with concepts is a trait found common in educators who exhibit the Wildcat Way.

“I think Mr. Legan has done a fantastic job in his first year,” said math teacher and Mayfield alumnus Trevor McGrath. “He went to Mayfield so he knows that we value good relationships for everyone.”

Other frontrunners have come to the spotlight of Mayfield’s attention through the word of mouth of the high schools notoriously outspoken students.

“Pubentz is the MAN,” said junior Kevin Guzik. “He just wants to keep [his students] interested by any means necessary!”

Pubentz, referring to Ryan Pubentz, an engaging history and government teacher at Mayfield, has already in his short tenure become the Wildcat version of a household name.

“Pubentz is just one of a kind,” Carlile said. “He’s always looking out for his students and is willing to make it fun for everyone!”

Pubentz said this inspiration to engage students came from his experience in high school.

“The thing is I remember walking into class everyday and getting another worksheet,” Pubentz said, “and that was the daily routine! It inspired me to connect myself with students by making topics meaningful and relevant so they could get excited about learning.”

Pubentz, in less than two years at Mayfield, has already left his mark on the school by being committed and engaging his students in areas necessary as they approach adulthood.

“One of my favorite quotes reads ‘People don‟t care how much you know until they know how much you care’,” Pubentz said. “And I‟ve been motivated beyond just teaching the content with the incentive that I‟m giving my students the skills necessary to develop character and succeed in life.”

In searching for its face, Mayfield has discovered an identity; one that cherishes the brief window that students and teachers share together, while stressing the importance these relationships have on the young lives of those who pass through the hallowed halls.

“My relationship with students as well as everyone in the community is directly tied into the plan I have for this school,” Legan said. “I know when to be serious and I know when to be down to earth with my students and I want that special relationship to be something they carry with them their entire life.”