Mayfield makes massive construction changes


Jared Serre

Construction workers have been working outside of the school for the past few weeks.

JOE DENARDO, Staff Writer

Construction of the new STEM2M facilities is only one of many groundbreaking changes Mayfield is making to provide the school a modern learning environment.

Superintendent Keith Kelly explained how the construction at the Mayfield Innovation Center is being done for the better of not just the students, but the entire community.

“With our STEM2M program we’re trying to set up a new era of modern educating,” Kelly said of the Mayfield Innovation Center. “STEM educating isn’t a place it’s a way—and we’re trying to make the most hands on experience by using technology and labs for the classes we plan to offer.”

Kelly believes in the idea of planting the seeds of this new breed of learning at an early age.

“We are starting all the way down at the elementary level,” Kelly said. “We feel that if we stress the importance of project based learning in a series of innovation periods we can have our students work to create something relevant.”

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The advancements made to the Innovation Center are merely scraping the surface of the flurry of plans Mayfield has for the coming years throughout the entire district.

“We’re planning to have wireless capacity in every [district] building within the next five years,” Kelly said. “It will give all of our students the opportunity to utilize devices along with access to Google Drive.”

Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds Kent Taylor attends the weekly construction meetings and is working towards having the current construction projects finished by the beginning of the 2015-16 school year.

“It’s really an exciting time to be here,” Taylor said of the tech savvy construction being done at Mayfield. “I’m proud of the whole district and the school for being so open to renovating for the good of the community.”

The construction in the parking lot involves connecting the Innovation Center directly to the technology room on the 11-12 side of the high school.

“They’re using fiber optic cable to connect the two buildings so we can have access to technology they plan to use in the STEM building,” Taylor said. “They’re also planning more additions to the parking lot to make the transition as smooth as possible.”

The Mayfield community has banded together as well so they could enjoy luxuries that benefit everyone.

Mayfield’s Alumni association raised $80,000 for the addition of the Alumni Pavilion which can be used for a variety of events for Mayfield residents.

“The alumni pavilion is the primary focus at the stadium this year,” Taylor said, “but the other big project is the addition of visitor concessions and restrooms on that side of the stadium.”

Plans to improve the exterior appearance of the Excel TECC building are in progress as well.

“We’re moving into the next phase in terms of advancing the Excel TECC wing,” Taylor said. “The addition of new windows and roofing will appeal to the outward beauty of the building.”