A letter from the editor

Joe DeNardo, Chief Editor

A letter from the editor

From the desk of Joe DeNardo


It is my honor and privilege to welcome readers to the 2015-2016 edition of Mayfield High School’s own The Paw Print!

As the Chief Editor of this year’s staff, I feel the desire to share with readers the goals that each member of the Paw Print hopes to achieve in this year of publication.

After time spent contemplating how we want to carry the torch following our inaugural year, the staff has decided to focus our attention to four key goals:

  • Show what Mayfield has to offer—our primary target is to share with the entire community the wonderful things students and staff are doing in their various endeavors. Even if just one person’s unknown brilliance is revealed through this news site then this goal will be achieved—because journalism is meant to reveal the truth.
  • Include stories with relevancy to students—in our school news features we hope to share stories with meaning and purpose. Likewise in our opinion pieces, we seek to discuss topics relevant to our age group.
  • Use our staff talent to the fullest—it is our goal as a staff is to use all of our skills in writing and journalism in all of our published pieces. We want to build off our stories last year, which we felt had the special trait of depth and relevancy
  • Instill passion into the staff—while we work hard to bring you Mayfield’s most important and unabridged news, there is also a time to enjoy our accomplishments we’ve conquered as staff members. I hope we can all celebrate the wonderful resource we’ve built at this school.



I was very glad to hear of how many new staff members there are on the staff of The Paw Print! Many of them discovered their enjoyment for journalism in their Digital News Writing class, like Jack Hollinshead, Alan Yarovitsky, and Tatum Brandenburg, who all have had individual articles published on the site—but now are ready to bring you their voices as members of the Paw Print Staff!

Photographers Emily Pietrentone and Zoe Montez want to share their passion for taking pictures and covering topics happening in and around Mayfield’s campus.

And plenty of praise to co-editor Jared Serre—who shares the same dedication and enjoyment in journalism as I do!


 A Few Thanks

Before I wrap up and send us off into a year of great journalism and premium news coverage, I’d like to offer my best gratitude to some people who were essential in getting me to this position.

Mr. Legan—it may sound unoriginal to thank the principal but in my situation I’m glad to do so. Without the undying dedication to the best possible environment for his students, Mayfield would not be the respected establishment it is today.  Mr. Legan has showed the kindness to fund this news website— and without such funds I’d be out peddling fundraisers to my friends and family—but we’re all lucky enough to have a principal that has the generosity and open-mindedness to always follow the best interest of the students.

Kate Bakhtiyarova—thanks to everyone’s favorite Sarah Lawrence College freshmen who impacted many lives in a variety ways during her time at Mayfield. As I said in my thank you letter last year, Kate is one of a kind in her dedication to the written word and using her talents to enlighten the minds of those who come in contact with her work. I commend her for being the first Editor of The Paw Print and hope to display her same quality and meaning in my work as Chief Editor.

Mr. Somich—a very sincere thank you to my Paw Print advisor and man I’m proud to call my friend. Mr. Somich’s special connection with students is the reason why he’s a regular name thanked in Graduation speeches from Mayfield students. Perhaps this is because he shares the same appreciation for learning and the unique talent of reaching people that the Valedictorians and Salutatorians who are under him. I can wish him nothing but the best as an educator and a person now and long after I’ve graduated.


Welcome to the Paw Print!

Well that’s all I wrote! Once again thank you for all support for me and the Paw Print Staff—we won’t let you down! A year of showing what Mayfield has to offer is in store and our only request is that Mayfield’s Students and Staff continue showing their amazing talents and give us the juiciest topics to cover! Enjoy Reading!

Your Chief Editor,


Joe DeNardo