Junior interns at science lab

Junior interns at science lab

Photo by Audrey Coppersmith

Ariana Chriss, Staff Writer

If you need your axons revamped, call Audrey Coppersmith.

The hardworking student wholly embraced the challenge of interning at Renovo Neural this summer. Offered an opportunity to work at a real-life lab, Coppersmith surely utilized it. “It was in a big place and everyone was super smart, but it was very fun because we got to see how they treat MS, and we got to meet some really cool people,” she said.

Giving an overview of the intriguing procedures she completed, she said, “There are these things called axons in your brain and your spinal cord, and they have this protective covering. They were trying to put the cover back on, which is related to MS, and we would count the axons on this special program.”

Then, halfway into her fascinating experience, Coppersmith was permitted to work in the actual lab, where she transferred brains and spinal cords into bottles— much like the mad scientists depicted in the science-fiction films she enjoys.