Skiiers, snowboarders get their wish


Photo from Alpine Valley official website

Local slopes like Alpine Valley Ski resort have business boost with each snowfall.

Joe DeNardo, Chief Editor

The recent blizzards have led to gripes and grumbles from so called “Winter Whiners,” but the snowfall has been a godsend for Mayfield’s local ski and snowboard enthusiasts.

Up until the week of Jan. 11, there was wonder if it was going to snow at all this winter, with those who call the powder home feeling empty inside.

Nevertheless, Mother Nature pulled though by blessing the boarders with a storm for the ages that’s got them chomping at the bit to get out to their favorite spots.

Mayfield senior Ben Gugick has been patiently waiting to get back to the local slopes.

“It’s been great lately because skiing is something I look forward to every year,” Gugick said. “I took a trip to a resort in Vermont this past fall, which was a blast, but I’m glad now I have the chance to go to hills a little closer to home.”

Gugick has been gearing up all year in anticipation for this season.

“I got a lot of new equipment that I’ve been waiting a while to try out, but it’s been worth it,” Gugick said. “It’s all good stuff, but the Oakley goggles are probably the best purchase cause you get a beautiful view as you’re going down.”

The closest local spots include Alpine Valley and Boston Mills/ Brandywine resorts, which are where senior Dean Snelson does his downhill work when the weather turns in his favor.

“I go to both of those places at least a few times a year,” Snelson said. “There’s just something about the natural snow that really gets me excited about getting out and hitting the slopes.”

Snelson knows the resorts aren’t the best he’s ever visited, but he’s made it a tradition to support the local resorts.

“I’ve been to a bunch of places all over the country,” Snelson said. “Alpine and Brandywine may not be my all-time favorites, but I make sure to go because those are the places where I first learned and got my passion for skiing.”