LA Johnny: Why the Rams should take Manziel


Photo by Robert Gauthier

The LA Rams need identity and spark to keep energy high. Manziel in essence is the answer.

Joe DeNardo, Chief Editor

As they make the move to the second largest sports market in America, the former St. Louis Rams are most likely to pick up Johnny Manziel after his inevitable release.

It may potentially be the juiciest story to come out of the NFL this decade: Johnny in LA?

Sportswriters are licking their lips at the possibilities.

The decision to sign Manziel would also benefit the Rams as well.

If one crunches the numbers they find that the Rams had the worst quarterback play in the league in 2015—and Rams coach Jeff Fisher expressed interest in Manziel prior to the 2014 NFL Draft.

Rams beat writer Nick Wagoner sees both the pros and cons for the deal.

“The need is there. The Rams like Manziel and they haven’t hesitated to take chances on troubled players in the past,” Wagoner said.  “The only reason their interest in him isn’t a high instead of medium is that it’s fair to wonder if the potential headache Manziel brings to a team that’s already transitioning to a new city would be too much of a risk.”

The truth of the matter is Manziel would have a better support system that would keep a tighter leash on him if he wound up in LA.

Jeff Fisher is a respected and revered veteran coach that needs a specific identity and spark as his team moves back home to Los Angeles.

Manziel in essence is the perfect fit.

Not only could the controversial QB become better alongside young and talented players like Todd Gurley and Tavon Austin, but he’d also be going to a city that in essence is an extension of himself.

What other city could a gunslinger quarterback who wears blonde wigs and turns up to Future go to after the Browns give him the boot?

This is the warning ladies and gentlemen—the ManzieLA era is soon upon us.