Legan addresses bomb threat concerns


Photo from MHS homepage

An aerial view of Mayfield High School.

Joe DeNardo, Chief Editor

Mayfield’s early dismissal following an ominous threat posted on social media was both a display of preparedness and a situation applicable to the dangerous world we live in today.

Students and staff all have an understanding of the events that transpired that day, including a soft-lockdown, followed by a release of students, and a clean sweep of the building for any weapons or similar materials.

Principal Jeff Legan had to switch from his usual upbeat persona to a no-nonsense leadership role in handling an issue of this magnitude.

“We value academics as much as any other school in Ohio,” Legan said, “but it goes without question saying that the safety and well-being of our students always comes first.

“I’m in the position of being both a parent and a principal,” Legan added. “I have the unique perspective of seeing how I don’t want my children to be safe, but all the kids I am responsible for in any situation.”

The situation came as a reality check to Legan—who now knows his students are mature and capable enough to follow orders in danger situations.

“It definitely is a reflection of the world we’re living in,” Legan said. “If you go back to when I was in school we didn’t have ALICE training or lockdown drills—we just have to live with it now.

“[Threats like these] are the one thing that I wish wasn’t part of my job,” Legan said. “Coming in every day I’m working to make this the best possible environment for students—so something like this isn’t doing that any good.”

The dismissal of students in a swift and orderly fashion made Legan proud of his Mayfield students and staff.

“I thought everyone did an outstanding job keeping everything under control,” Legan said. “I especially want to mention the secretaries who answered hundreds of phone calls from parents—they deserve recognition for informing parents their students were safe.

“I’ll say I was very proud that all the Mayfield students handled [the threat] in the best way possible,” Legan continued. “I’m lucky to be a part of this Mayfield family, through thick and thin.”