‘Mustache for Cash’ returns for 2016


Photo by John Sullivan

The 2015 Mustache for Cash participants. Mr. Pubentz is third from the right.

Joe DeNardo, Chief Editor

Mayfield’s favorite facial-hair fundraiser is back, as Mustache for Cash makes its triumphant return to the upper lips of a few select seniors and staff.

Donations will be collected the week of March 7-11.

Money can be given directly to participants or placed in their respective fundraising box in the cafeteria during the week.

This year the money given to all the superb ‘staches will be donated to two foundations—the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the St. Baldrick’s foundation.

Both charities are dedicated to helping find cures for cancer.

Ryan Pubentz raised the most in 2015 with his glorious handlebar design, and is looking to claim his second straight Golden Mustache to push his record to 2-0.

“The important thing students who donate need to realize is that this money is going to a good cause,” Pubentz said. “The competition is both fierce and fun, but at the end of the day we can say we’re doing something positive for those who are diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones.”

Not only will the staff be competing to earn the most for their blooming beards and such, but a brave group of senior boys will be grooming their peach fuzz in the attempt to raise money for charitable causes while also trying not to look too ridiculous!

Among the contenders for the senior gold is Dennis Kalantarov, who’s been doing his absolute best by doing his absolute least—by that I mean not shaving at all for almost a month!

“Yeah it isn’t that hard for me to grow it out,” Kalantarov said. “I still have to figure out what I’m going to do with it all but I promise it will be creative.”

Also in the thick of the senior race is Matt Yokosuk, who’s robust beard may score him an upset over the early favorite Kalantarov.

“I think my advantage is that mine grows evenly,” Yokosuk said. “If I maintain a steady mustache then I think I’ll be able to win.”

Yokosuk and Kalantarov are both excited to participate, but they also know that they’re doing something positive that is both admirable and kind.

“I’m glad to be helping a good cause,” Kalantarov said. “Cancer is something that influences everyone so it’s great that the school can come together to help raise awareness.”

Also worth noting is Nedal Eid, who is rather than sprouting a ‘stache is shaving his head in support of St. Baldrick’s foundation.

Along with Mr. Pubentz, the teachers participating include Mr. Bishko, Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Somich, Mr. McGrath, Mr. Nidy, Mr. Verdi, Mr. Deaton, Mr. Mackar, Mr. Sheppard, Mr. Reinhard, and Mr. Gynn.

The senior participants include Matt Yokosuk, Dennis Kalantarov, Zach Rodman, Kevin Guzik, and Joe DeNardo.