Wildcats move in pack to Lake Erie College


Nick Somich

Players wearing old football uniforms back in 2015

Joe DeNardo, Chief Editor

Lake Erie College will have more than a fair share of former Mayfield football players roaming its campus next season.

Notable players joining the Storm include quarterback Mario Monastero, defensive lineman Zach Rodman, do-it-all brother combo of Luke and Gage Bican, and defensive back Jordan Jones.

All of these players are part of arguably Mayfield’s most talented senior class ever, and their time sharing the field doesn’t appear to be over for a while.

“It’s pretty cool that I get the chance to play alongside these guys next season,” Rodman said. “Our journey as teammates isn’t over yet.”

The next step is a big one for Rodman, whose seven sacks and 114 tackles his senior season made him one of the most feared defensive players in all of Northeast Ohio.

“It’s always been a dream for me to play college football,” Rodman said. “I’m going to work hard these next four years so I can get the most out of this experience.”

Following Rodman is his defensive teammate Jordan Jones.

Jones’ senior season was a statement to his talent as a player, with five QB sacks and 71 total tackles as a member of Mayfield’s defense.

“I think it’s great that my teammates are taking the next step with me,” Jones said. “I think us pushing each other will bring out the best in each other.”

And then of course there is the all-state twin pack of Luke and Gage Bican, who made the mutual decision to play college football together as they moved on from Mayfield.

“My brother and I are always pushing each other out on that field,” Luke said. “We know that we need each other if we both want to succeed.

It’s fair to say that if these Wildcats learned anything from there four years under Coach Pinto’s staff, it’s that the unbreakable bond of teammates will be something they hold with them forever.