Yours Truly gratifies families, friends

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Yours Truly gratifies families, friends

Since 1981, Yours Truly has been serving families and friends with menu items to please everyone and memorable experiences.

Since 1981, Yours Truly has been serving families and friends with menu items to please everyone and memorable experiences.

Yours Truly Official Website

Since 1981, Yours Truly has been serving families and friends with menu items to please everyone and memorable experiences.

Yours Truly Official Website

Yours Truly Official Website

Since 1981, Yours Truly has been serving families and friends with menu items to please everyone and memorable experiences.

Megan Agresta, Guest Writer

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As soon as you walk through the doors at Yours Truly you’re greeted with a sense of home.

The familiar scent of grandma’s homemade cooking hits your nose and light conversation fills your ears from the surrounding tables. The sight of the old patterned floors and rustic tables may have you doubting at first, but then you realize that’s what makes the place so great: its charm. Yours Truly is a restaurant that you will want to go back to because you’ll be craving more by the time your meal is over.

The dated interior brings a certain appeal that is hard to come across these days. You also have multiple seating options to fulfill your preferences. There’s a bar up front for a quick snack, tables for large parties, or good ol’ fashioned booths for a small group.

There are also no limitations as to who can eat here. Tables were occupied by individuals, families, and groups of friends. All ages are welcomed and encouraged.

Around lunch time the tables and booths are only partially full, leaving leeway for no wait times and creating a welcoming atmosphere. Although, during dinner time, be prepared for a 10-15 minute wait.

The lighting throughout the restaurant was very dim, but many windows surrounded one side, letting in natural light to half of the seats.

When dining there are no menu limitations. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert can be ordered so there’s always something new to try every time you visit.

Sophomore Chloey DiBartolo also enjoys dining at Yours Truly. “Going to Yours Truly makes me feel like I’m at home every time I go. The atmosphere makes it feel like you’re walking into a warm, cozy house and the food there is great,” DiBartolo said.

For breakfast the blueberry pancakes (6.00) stand out for their simplicity and delectability. The serving size is very generous and you’ll find yourself struggling to eat all three pancakes. The pancakes melt as soon as they touch your mouth, satisfying your taste buds with a soft and buttery taste, followed by the tanginess of the blueberries.

Yours Truly is famous for their crowd pleasing appetizer: Notso Fries (5.90).

Your plate is filled to the brim with cottage fries covered in melted cheese, bacon bits, and a side of sour cream. The fries are warm and soft from the melted cheese. To top it all off, the bacon bits add a salty and savory taste that brings the dish all together.

Just one bite of this delicious appetizer will stimulate your taste buds and keep you wanting more. Your calorie count goes out the window right when the server brings the plate to your table.

When it comes to eating out my philosophy is better to be safe than sorry, so I took the plain route of ordering chicken tenders (6.50), and it turns out I made the right decision. You could tell by the delightful smell that they were made fresh. Their golden brown exterior showed that they were cooked to perfection, not too crunchy and not too soft.

Finally, to top my meal off, I ordered a rich and creamy chocolate milkshake (4.50). The consistency was just right, not too thick or thin, smooth until the last drop. The sweetness from the chocolate is just what you need to compliment a previous salty entrée.

When DiBartolo dines at Yours Truly she orders chicken fingers, cottage fries, and a milkshake. “I usually get the chicken fingers and their cottage fries and they are always very tasty and leave me wanting more. Plus, the milkshakes are a yummy treat on the side!” She said.

The service wasn’t perfect, but there isn’t much to complain about. Our server was welcoming, friendly, respectful, and fast. He gave us extra time and space to decide on what we wanted before taking our order and when our order was placed, it didn’t take more than 10-15 minutes for the food to come out.

However, when he asked if we wanted whipped cream on our milkshakes and we said yes, our server delivered them without it. Other than that, all the orders were correct.

In addition, the booth we were placed in was directly in between the telephone and the kitchen. It was distracting and interrupted our table’s meal to hear the ringing of the telephone on one side and the chatter of employees on the other. It was hard to work around, but an easy fix would be to ask for a change in seating.

Yours Truly can be compared to Steak and Shake because of their unique atmosphere and milkshakes. Steak and Shake has a 50’s dinner appeal to the interior, making it stand out. Also, they’re famously known for their milkshakes, similar to Yours Truly.

Although, they share slight differences in the vibe they give off. Yours Truly is a more warm and welcoming place compared to Steak and Shake. Additionally, Yours Truly has better milkshakes too, despite the lack of flavors they offer.

With excellent food and undeniable charm, Yours Truly is a great place for anyone, but you might want to ask for a table away from all the distracters.

Yours Truly

Grade: 4.5/5 fries

Where: 6675 Wilson Mills Rd, Gates Mills, OH 44040

Contact: (440) 461-0000



Friday & Saturday 6:30AM–11PM
Sunday 7:30AM–10PM
Monday-Thursday 6:30AM–10PM

Prices: Appetizers: $4-$7.90 Entrees: $8.10-$14.55 Deserts: $4.50-$5.70

Cuisine: American comfort food

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