Halloweekends—the good, the bad, and the ghostly

Ariana Chriss, Staff Writer

The frights, the thrills, the heights, the cold—the seniors of Mayfield High can endure everything.

On Oct. 22nd, the class of 2017 spent the day, the whole day, at Cedar Point in Sandusky. Everyone had their own experience, likes, and dislikes, but overall the trip seemed to be a great success.

Sure, it was 40-something degrees the whole day, but that can never stop the fun. I didn’t have much of an issue with the cold, though I know some people didn’t quite bundle up enough. Honestly, the adrenaline rush you get from the Dragster or the Millennium Force should keep you nice and warm.

Speaking of the renowned rides, boy, are they worth the wait! Well, I’m really asking…are they? In total, I must have waited in line for about 5 hours for the two big coasters my friends and I went on. That would be the Maverick and the Gatekeeper.

Both rides were just dandy, but those lines were astronomical that day. I understand, though, it was a rather crowded Saturday.

Senior Maureen Baldzicki noted this, too. One thing she said she didn’t like was “the long lines, but you can’t really prevent that because it was a busy time.”

This issue bothered some more than others, of course.

Senior Paige Mutillo expressed that she was not too happy about the lines. She said, “Half the people that I talked to only got on three rides, including myself. That’s because the lines were over three hours long and sometimes four hours long.”

No matter, it was still a great time. Mutillo added, “Halloweekends was really fun.” Right she is!

The Halloweekends component of our trip was most definitely my favorite part. Sure, big rollercoasters and other amusement park rides are a blast, but the Scare Zones were certainly the most fun. I love the thrill of the eerie walk through the park, never knowing what will jump out at you or creep up from behind.

Nothing beats meeting Beetlejuice, either. Of course, there were other uncanny ghouls you could come across and have a chat with, but seeing the famous character was a major plus. They are all quite friendly if you get to talk with them or get a picture, though.

It’s all about having fun, even if you aren’t like me and you don’t like the whole haunted house idea. Some people were nervous going in, but afterwards, they were glad they did.

May Xiao loved the Scare Zones through and through. She said, “Halloweekends is definitely really fun because of all the haunted houses and the jump scares.”

Thus, Halloweekends was a huge success. The look of those Scare Zones was exquisitely spooky, of course, with all the fog and odd lights. All around, there was creepy music as well which added tremendously to the ghostly atmosphere.

Accordingly, I would say I had a positive and satisfying experience at Cedar Point in general. The sights, the sounds, and the excitement was fantastic. Not to mention, the park is gorgeous during sunset and at night with all the lights.

Undeniably, though, there was a problem when “people didn’t show up on time when we were about to leave, and we had to wait outside for half an hour,” as Xiao said. Indeed, we were very exhausted, irritated, and cold. Also, certainly, the lines were rather long for the rides—and even for the pricey food.

Yet what can you do? It’s an amusement park—a very famous amusement park I am proud and thankful to live so close to. We were pretty lucky to be able to spend over half a day there with our friends.

You’ve got to thank our amazing principal, Mr. Legan, for this wonderful opportunity for the class, and our Student Council. Their work truly paid off. I don’t think we will ever forget the experience.