Marijuana use among pregnant disturbingly on the rise

Marijuana can damage the chances of having a healthy child.

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Marijuana can damage the chances of having a healthy child.

Alexa Passafiume, Guest Writer

As of recently, the numbers of pregnant women using marijuana are rapidly increasing and the effects can be very harmful.

In the United States alone, reports marijuana use among pregnant women has grown by 62% from 2002 to 2014. Studies have shown that more pregnant women are revealing their use of the drug during their pregnancy.

The consequences that the babies of these women using marijuana can face seem to be ignored. Although there is limited health information as of right now, the evidence that is currently provided should be enough to stop women from continuing the drug use during pregnancy.

Using marijuana during pregnancy causes many risks because of the ingredient THC. Registered nurse Rachel Nall of wrote, “Experts say exposure to THC can affect a baby’s brain development. This may result in noticeable differences when baby is born.”

The outcome of pregnancy should always be positive. If there is any sort of risk of damage to the baby, there is no point in taking the chances because the mother could be preventing her child from living a happy, healthy life forever.

Another study showed that babies born to mothers who smoked marijuana were more likely to end up in intensive care. A reporter for wrote, “A 2011 Australian study of almost 25,000 women concluded that babies born to mothers who used marijuana were twice as likely to end up in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) compared to other babies.”

Having a baby put into intensive care is a mother’s worst nightmare. Mother’s should not be the cause of harm that their child faces. Marijuana use should be completely stopped during pregnancy to better the chances of a healthy birth.

The risks of marijuana use during pregnancy can cause long term problems for a child. Sarah G. Miller of wrote, “Babies born to women who used marijuana during pregnancy were more likely to be anemic, have lower birth weights and require placement in neonatal intensive care than the babies of mothers who did not use marijuana.”

Putting a baby at risk through the use of something that is completely avoidable is absolutely unnecessary. Going through pregnancy is challenging enough for mothers, so adding more stress and risk over a recreational drug is not worth it.

Mothers need to take into consideration how much harm they could cause to their babies by smoking marijuana. The risks of smoking can be very damaging and are not worth the risk.