Legan addresses student walk-out, wants an organized protest


With national attention turned to Florida and the gun protests, principal Jeff Legan made a statement today to students and faculty.

On the morning announcements, Legan told students he’s heard rumblings of a walk-out at noon to protest guns, but he asked that students not walk-out today.  Instead, they should wait for the school to organize a protest together – with student leaders – so our community could come together during this time.

Legan’s email at 11:44am to faculty had a similar message.  He wrote, “I have continued to hear rumblings that some students may still walk-out at noon.  This is not a very easy situation to navigate through.  If students still plan on walking out at noon, I am not going to stop them. ”

In the near future, the principal plans to meet with student leaders to organize a peaceful protest that is voluntary and that could include staff members as well.  He also mentioned organizing an event that could financially benefit those impacted by the events in Florida.

Legan appears sympathetic to the outrage.  He wrote in his email, “Overall, this is a sad reality that we live in.  I never thought that I would have to sit at the dinner table with my children and discuss what they would do if there was an active shooter at their school.”