Q&A: Special education teacher plans wedding for 2019

Mike Pinto and his fiancee Lauren are planning a Cleveland-area wedding with over 300 guests.

Photo by Kate

Mike Pinto and his fiancee Lauren are planning a Cleveland-area wedding with over 300 guests.

Shane Pigram, Guest Writer

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In an exclusive interview, The Paw Print’s Shane Pigram sat down with teacher and coach  Michael Pinto to learn more about his plans for summer break.

Shane: What kid of ideas do you have for your wedding?
Pinto: My fiancée, Lauren, and I are planning a typical Catholic wedding. We plan to get married in a church followed by a reception filled with food and dancing at night.

Shane: Have you decided anything yet for the wedding?
Pinto: We have not made any final decisions yet as we are still over a year away from our tentative wedding date, June 15, 2019.

Shane: Are you going to have an inside or outside wedding?
Pinto: Majority of our wedding will be inside but most of the venues we have looked at have an outside spot to hang.

Shane: Are you planning on leaving the state or staying in ohio?
Pinto: Definitely staying in the Cleveland area for our wedding. Majority of our family and friends are from the area and we would hate to make them travel.

Shane: Are you going to hire a professional photographer or videographer?
Pinto: Yes. We have been contacting professionals for photos and videos and getting quotes from each of them.

Shane: Do you already have a suit picked out or are currently looking at one?
Pinto: My plan is to either have a suit or tuxedo for my wedding. I have connections with Terriaco Suits in Mentor so I am strongly considering working with them on building a custom suit for the wedding.

Shane: Does Lauren have a dress picked out?
Pinto: She doesn’t yet but has been to a couple stores in search for the perfect one.

Shane: Do you already have a best man picked out?
Pinto: My older brother is going to be my best man.

Shane: Does your fiancé know who her maid of honor will be?
Pinto: Lauren’s younger sister is going to be her maid of honor.

Shane: Do you know how many guests you will have?
Pinto: We are in the early stages of planning our wedding but Lauren and I have roughly 310 invitees on our guest list.

Shane: How many people are going to be apart of your wedding party?
Pinto: Our wedding party is at 11 people for each of us.

Shane: How much do you think this wedding will cost?
Pinto: Very expensive. Weddings are very expensive now a days. You will find out sometime when you meet your lucky lady., so we are really looking around for the best deals.

Shane: What kind of food are you going to order for the wedding?
Pinto:Lauren’s father is in the restaurant business so we are considering venues where we can have his catering business supply the food to keep costs down.

Shane: Where are you guys going to have your honeymoon if decided yet?
Pinto:We haven’t picked a honeymoon spot but I would like to go somewhere with a beach.

Shane: You said you want to go somewhere with a beach for your honeymoon. Will the honeymoon be out of state? because Ohio doesn’t have the greatest beaches.
Pinto: Yes out of state. Potential options are Hawaii, St. Lucia, or any of the island in the Bahamas.

Shane: Should I be expecting an invitation?
Pinto: Haha, I didn’t have you on the initial guest list but if people can’t make it I will consider you!

Shane: Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.
Pinto: No problem at all.  It was my pleasure.

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