Homecoming week: Many students choose not to attend dance


Mayfield yearbook staff

At Thursday's all night decorating session, dozens of student council students prepared for Friday's assembly and Saturday's dance. Unfortunately, many students say they do not plan to attend the dance.

Emily Byrne, Staff Writer

Many high schoolers say homecoming is an amazing experience and even a tradition.

However, quite a few students are choosing not to attend this weekend’s dance.

Senior Manny Paravalos had his fair share of homecoming the first two years he participated. He said, “I have attended homecoming freshman and sophomore year. Freshman year, I went with a group of friends. That was fun. Sophomore year, I went with a group and had a date.”

Paravalos encountered struggles with the setup of homecoming that made it difficult for him to attend again. “Things to fix in my opinion would be better music, and to announce it later in the year instead of so early notice since some people may need to schedule events around it like work and whatnot,” Paravalos said.

Junior Dalton Nero had a less enjoyable experience at the dance in 2017. He said, “I don’t really enjoy the music they play which is half the experience. I only went last year just to see what it was like and hang with friends.”

Nero has ideas on how to possibly improve the attendance and delight at homecoming. “I think they could go bigger and better in general, especially in the food and drink department. People get thirsty and all is available is Gatorade tubs of water,” Nero said.

Senior Alexis Krejci decided one homecoming was enough for her. She says, “It wasn’t very fun for me. It feels kind of exclusive. I went freshman year, just to check it out.”

Krejci finds bias in the structure of homecoming, including the sweet 16 tradition. “I think they should be more inclusive with the sweet 16 and homecoming court, every year it’s basically the same group of guys and girls. Let the people who aren’t involved in every club and sport and activity participate too, not everyone has time to do all those things but they are still a part of the Mayfield community and deserve to be represented,” Krejci said.

Senior Ofek Avisar enjoys spending his time in high school to himself, rather than spending it at a dance. He said, “I haven’t gone all four years. I don’t see a point to it.”

Avisar, like Krejci, isn’t too fond of the cliquiness homecoming can bring. “I find homecoming to be a bit stuck in its ways when relating to groups and popularity,” Avisar said.

Junior Mahri Bledsoe was discouraged with her first homecoming experience. “I don’t want to go to homecoming because I didn’t enjoy it freshman year and it’s kind of not my thing. I don’t like dressing up, I’m more of a chill kind of person and just like to hang out. It was also very uncomfortable and hot,” Bledsoe said.

Bledsoe recognizes that differences in people’s personalities could have a degree of effect on their homecoming experience. She says, “I don’t think there is anything they need to fix. I just think that homecoming isn’t everyone’s thing. Some people will love homecoming, and some will not enjoy it as much as others. Not everyone can like the same thing.”