Many seniors skip out on school


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Emily Byrne, Staff Writer

On Monday, Nov. 5, seniors were scarce in the high school as many enjoyed a skip day.

Senior skip day is an unofficial tradition at high schools across the country. Students pick a date and choose not to attend school on that day.

However, Mayfield has had a few unofficial skip days already this year.

Senior Alexis Krejci was one of the many who decided to skip school in early November. Krejci said, “I love [skip days]. I think as a senior we’ve definitely earned some time off.”

Krejci said her work has not been affected by the skip day. “My work hasn’t been affected because I know how to keep up with it,” Krejci said.

Senior Krista Rice is one of a few students who chose not to participate in the November skip day.

Rice said that skip day might have hurt her grades had she missed school. “Skip days haven’t affected my work or grades because I decided to come to school for that reason. I think it would have just been more work in the end and not worth it,” Rice said.

Most teachers are unsupportive of skip days according to Rice. “Many of my teachers didn’t support senior skip day, but a few of them just gave us busy work so they would be prepared,” she said.

Rice said she feels skip days are okay, but not as many as Mayfield has. “I personally think skip days are a nice thing to have in general, but in moderation. I will probably never actually skip a day unless I have nothing to do towards the end of the school year,” Rice said.