Q&A: English teacher drives down south this summer

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Q&A: English teacher drives down south this summer

Kerry Rutigliano enjoying her time at the beach in Kiawah,  South Carolina in the summer of 2018. 
Photo by

Kerry Rutigliano enjoying her time at the beach in Kiawah, South Carolina in the summer of 2018. Photo by

Kerry Rutigliano

Kerry Rutigliano enjoying her time at the beach in Kiawah, South Carolina in the summer of 2018. Photo by

Kerry Rutigliano

Kerry Rutigliano

Kerry Rutigliano enjoying her time at the beach in Kiawah, South Carolina in the summer of 2018. Photo by

Kayla Genova, Guest Writer

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In an exclusive interview, The Paw Print’s Kayla Genova sat down with Ms. Kerry Rutigliano  about her upcoming plans for summer.

Kayla: So, I’ve heard that you will be going to South Carolina, could you tell me when you are going?
Rutigliano: I will head to South Carolina. We usually go at the end of June, so that’s when I’m planning on going.

Kayla: That will be very relaxing since it’s in the summer. So is there a reason you go?
Rutigliano: It’s hard for me to slow down and relax during the school year. I go there to renew my mojo for the new school year, also to be one with the water. I go on walks and I relax while I’m there so I can re-energize and to find my spirit again to face another school year.

Kayla: That is a great way to prepare yourself for the next year! Do you have any family members that you visit in South Carolina?
Rutigliano: My parents live in Cleveland but they have a place in Kiawah Island, and it’s right outside of Charleston.

Kayla: Why did your parents decided to get a house out there?
Rutigliano: My parents and I started to go to Kiawah in the early 1980’s and they thought it was an island that really celebrates family and it was a great place to get away and we started to go down there every summer, so it became our tradition.

Kayla: Do you go there often?
Rutigliano: I usually go in the summer but sometimes I go during my spring break. The funny thing about it is that I always dream about going to Kiawah even during the school year because I reflect on when I go in the summer and it always renews my spirit and uplifts my mind.

Kayla: That is interesting on a spiritual level. So, what plans do you have while you are there?
Rutigliano: The first week or so that I will be there, I sometimes fight that I am there because I am away from all of my stuff in my busy world but then I slip into it and I always start the morning off with a long walk. I usually walk on the beach for about seven miles then I start my exercise. I go to an exercise class. I read books that I don’t get to read during the school year, and I write thank you notes. Last year I wrote 120 letters and I caught up on that. So my day there just stretches out and I get to accomplish all these different things and usually the evening I go on another walk and try to keep exercising and I try to eat healthy. But most of all I spend time with my Mom and Dad.

Kayla: Wow you seem very excited for this. How long will you be staying?
Rutigliano: Anywhere from four to six weeks.

Kayla: That’s a long trip! Since you look forward to going so much, can you tell me what your favorite part of going is?
Rutigliano: My favorite part is definitely seeing my family and connecting with them. I sometimes take them for granted but it’s all connected to the beach and the water and being around the majesty of the universe and realizing how small and inconsequential we are but how great we could be in terms of doing things for other people and so walking on the beach and seeing everything that god has created always builds my energy.

Kayla: That is really inspiring. Out of all the times of traveling down there, what would be your favorite memory?
Rutigliano: One that really stands out to me was a summer when my brother and his wife and daughter were there with us. I had a chance to spend a lot of time with them and that following November my brother was diagnosed with cancer and thankfully he is fine but I always go back to that time where I was able to spend so much time with him. It is one of my greatest memories because I think that God gave us that time together.

Kayla: That is so special. How do you plan to go there: do you usually drive or fly?
Rutigliano: I would love to fly but since we (her and her parents) go down there for a long time it’s like we pack up everything. With that being said we drive down there.

Kayla: How long does it take for you to drive there?
Rutigliano: It take around one or two days. It is a 715 mile drive and we have to have our cars down there. I take my dog and my Mom takes her dog so it’s pretty extensive.

Kayla: I hope you have a great time down there.
Rutigliano: Thank you so much!

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