Q&A: Spanish teacher returns to summer vacation spot

Spanish teacher Phil Deaton and his wife enjoy traveling to South Carolina over summer vacation.

Phil Deaton

Spanish teacher Phil Deaton and his wife enjoy traveling to South Carolina over summer vacation.

Emma Andrews, Guest Writer

In an exclusive interview, The Paw Print’s Emma Andrews sat down with Mr. Deaton about his upcoming travel plans.  

Emma: Why are you going to South Carolina this summer?

Deaton: We go to enjoy the beach at Hilton Head. We went there a couple years ago for the first time and really enjoyed it so we decided to go back. It’s a nice beach area, pretty clean and everything, and we went there a couple years ago and wanted to go back.

Emma: How long ago?

Deaton: We went four years ago and I know that because last time we went was when the Women’s World Cup was occurring because we watched it while we were down there, the final game against Japan, and it’s the World Cup again this summer.

Emma: So you guys are going to watch it down there?

Deaton: I’ll probably watch the game while I’m down there, yes.

Emma: Are you guys flying or driving down there?

Deaton: We are flying to Hilton Head from Cleveland and then we’re gonna rent a car while we’re down there and then since this is part one of our two week vacation, the second week we’re going to visit some family members in Tennessee, we’re gonna take that rental car and drive to Tennessee and then use that to drive all the way home.

Emma: So you guys are only staying there for a week?

Deaton: In Hilton Head, yes.

Emma: How long is the flight?

Deaton: We have a layover in Charlotte, North Carolina so all in all I think it will take like five hours including the 40-minute layover. Then, of course, you have time for boarding.

Emma: Do you enjoy flying?

Deaton: I don’t mind it at all. It stinks when you get like the middle seat of course, I’m not a fan of that, I like the aisle seat so I can stretch out but I don’t mind it. My wife hates sitting in the back but I don’t mind the back of the plane as long as you are not right by the bathroom. People always pass you and sometimes it smells. But, other than that, it’s a quick travel. It’s a little more expensive than driving but all good.

Emma: Yeah, I agree. It is just more efficient and quicker. Are you going around the same time as last time?

Deaton: Four years ago it was more mid-July so yes, almost the exact same time.

Emma: What is you and your wife’s favorite thing to do down there?

Deaton: We love honestly just sitting on the beach and reading. We’re pretty old souls in that regards. I still remember when we went on our honeymoon to Jamaica and I read like four or five books that week from just sitting out in the sun on the beach.

Emma: What kind of books do you read?

Deaton: Whatever I’m into at the time. Back then it was some sci-fi books and right now I’m trying to read through the “Harry Potter” series. I’ve never actually read through it. I won’t watch the movies until I’ve read the book.

Emma: You haven’t seen the “Harry Potter” movies?

Deaton: I have seen through “Order of the Phoenix” and read through those books so I have got three left. I’ll probably be reading those because I have a little bit to go.

Emma – What else do you guys do down there?

Deaton: The last time we went we got bikes and rode them around for the day, so that was really fun to do. But we really just love to hang out on the beach. We also played soccer on the beach and I remember giving myself massive blisters on the bottom of my feet from the constant friction of stopping and starting on the hard compact sand. So it was hard to walk after that.

Emma: Well it seems like you guys still had a great time despite the blisters.

Deaton: Yeah it was a lot of fun.

Emma: Why do you enjoy the beach so much?

Deaton: I love the seafood, the fresh seafood.

Emma: Where do you go to get seafood down there?

Deaton: It’s been a while, I don’t remember the names of the restaurants. Salty Dog Cafe is a very famous one, but pretty much every meal I’ll get seafood.

Emma: What’s your favorite seafood?

Deaton: Probably if you’re just having straight up fish, the Red Snapper is really good. Mahi Mahi is really good as well.

Emma: I’ve only ever had Tilapia.

Deaton: Oh, Tilapia is not real fish. It’s cheaper fish. I eat it too but once you have the other stuff, it’s just so much better, the flavor and all that. But, if you don’t like fishyness then Mahi Mahi is actually pretty mild and the Red Snapper isn’t too bad. I actually had shark once in San Diego. Iit was actually really delicious. Fish and Chips is always a classic as well.

Emma: Yeah that’s really good. It’s what I normally get.

Deaton: Yeah Grouper is a really good fish for that, fried. I also like any kind of shrimp, it doesn’t matter what kind, I’ll eat it all. It’s just better down there because up here you have to import all the fish and it’s frozen and loses some of its flavor.

Emma: It’s not the same. It doesn’t taste as good.

Deaton: No, I prefer it down there for sure.

Emma: Okay, well thank you so much for telling me about South Carolina and your plans for the summer!!

Deaton: You’re welcome, of course!