Q&A: Chemistry teacher keeps busy outside school

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Q&A: Chemistry teacher keeps busy outside school

Chemistry teacher Christina Germovsek captures one of many scenic views amid the Grand Canyon with her and her daughter.

Chemistry teacher Christina Germovsek captures one of many scenic views amid the Grand Canyon with her and her daughter.

Christina Germovsek

Chemistry teacher Christina Germovsek captures one of many scenic views amid the Grand Canyon with her and her daughter.

Christina Germovsek

Christina Germovsek

Chemistry teacher Christina Germovsek captures one of many scenic views amid the Grand Canyon with her and her daughter.

Jason Kocsis, Guest Writer

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In an exclusive interview, The Paw Print’s Jason Kocsis sat down with Mrs. Germovsek about her summer plans and how she keeps busy.  

Jason: What kinds of things do you like to do outside of school that most people wouldn’t know about you just from being a teacher?

Germovsek: For like the last 15 years, I have played ladies sand doubles volleyball at Kirtland Tavern. It’s two on two, so it’s aggressive, fun, and just a bunch of old ladies like me who get out there and dive on the sand. We all act like it’s gonna be a friendly game of volleyball and then we end up trying to take each other’s heads off!

Jason: Wow, sounds like a lot of fun. My sister actually played sand volleyball for a couple years so I know it has a ton of action but it is a lot harder to move around than on a wood court. So speaking of moving around, why do you think it is so important to keep busy and have fun with hobbies outside of school at this point in your life?

Germovsek: Definitely because your kids will suck the life out of you and if you don’t step back and realize that they are just moody teenagers and that they’re just going through a phase of being airheads and dorks, then you’ll take it personally. Also if you don’t preserve yourself, then you can’t give back to anyone else since you’re like afraid and you feel like you’ll explode with anger. So, it’s important to keep friends and hobbies even as you get older. It’s hard sometimes, when your kids are young to do it, but as your kids get older it’s a little bit easier to get that free time back in.

Jason: Now that your kids are older, would you say that you have a go-to favorite thing to do that maybe you do with your family?

Germovsek: Well after volleyball, we get to eat and hang out outside in a little pavilion. That’s the best, just sitting there with all the other moms, and a lot of them are also teachers which is pretty cool. But, another favorite thing to do is to hide and Netflix binge. I feel like a teenager and if nobody bothers me and I can get an episode in, that’s great because I never get to watch TV with someone always bothering me.

Jason: I totally understand that. My mom is the same way. She never gets to watch anything and when she finally gets to sit down and relax I guess I am usually guilty of bothering her in some way.

Germovsek: Right and then you can’t do anything to stop me a that point, like the house could burn down around me and I would still be watching. I get entranced into the TV, it’s scary.

Jason: So would you say you do that more in the winter then, since obviously sand volleyball is in the summer?

Germovsek: Yeah, I mean, I can’t leave the house. All I do is take kids to SPIRE, and take kids here, and volleyball games, and it’s just nonstop. So if I’m waiting in the car for my kids to come out, I Netflix binge. I mean someone could rob me point-blank and I wouldn’t know since I’m just sitting there on my phone.

Jason: I feel like you’re not alone and that a lot of other people are like that these days. I’m sure most just won’t own up to it! But do you plan on stepping away from the technology? Are you planning any trips or something like that for this upcoming summer?

Germovsek: Actually, I love to do big things during spring break, because during the summer it’s so pretty up here. So we’ll do some small little trips but we don’t have any big vacations planned. However, my kids go to camp every year. They go to church camp and then during the week, my husband and I will take our little guy and do something. Like last year, we went to Mammoth Cave. This year I think we’re just going to go to Cincinnati and maybe see Noah’s Ark. That’s a big, actual sized model of Noah’s Ark where you can go see all the animals and stuff. Now that’s like an hour south of Cincinnati in Kentucky. We’ll see my sister down there and putz around for a while.

Jason: So you have family down there?

Germovsek: Oh, yeah. We usually do something there, like one of my favorite things to do is to go see the Tecumseh! Outdoor Drama. That’s really one of my favorite things to do. It’s actually a big, outdoor theater and it’s all about Tecumseh. It starts at about 8:30 at night, and it gets dark, the play starts, you hear cannons, these horses run down, and it’s just this huge production. [It is] such a cool experience.

Jason: Well I can tell that’s very unique and sounds pretty cool. So is that also down in Cincinnati and do they perform this every year?

Germovsek: It’s only during the summer months and it’s in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Jason: Obviously you travel a bit. Is there one spot you would really love to travel to in the future or one vacation thing you want to do?

Germovsek: Believe it or not, I love history.

Jason: It does sound like that with some of the Noah’s Ark and Tecumseh things you do.

Germovsek: Exactly, so like when I went to the Grand Canyon we got to eat at the El Tovar restaurant. And just being in that location, I mean, I was just so geeked and my mom and sister and daughters thought I was so weird but I just love historical things. So I would probably go see something revolving around Indians. I’m very fascinated with American Indian stuff. That or I’d love to go to Colorado. After the Grand Canyon, it just sounds so beautiful. Going out west is cool and I hope I can travel to Denver.

Jason: Yeah, I’ve never been to Colorado but I know my grandparents would agree that it’s beautiful. I’ve heard that many times from them. Since travelling is a big part of it, are there any events like sporting events, or any local things you like to visit or are you more of a nature person.

Germovsek: I just don’t like to be around a lot of people, believe it or not, I don’t like festivals. Like even the Chardon Maple Fest, I don’t like it. It’s just too crowded and I don’t like the hustle and bustle. I’d rather go to a serene place like on a cool hike or maybe just something without the crowds. [I am] not a fan of crowds.

Jason: But all in all, you’d agree that you’re passionate about going out and preventing yourself from aging quickly or becoming too boring in life?

Germovsek: I do, I really do. I think that’s so important. I mean, there’s so much to do outside of working and, of course, you have to enjoy life still.