Choirs perform final concert of school year


Cristen Eustace

Seniors Katelyn Korver, Shea Page, and Liz Corpus enjoy a final moment with choir director Brian Fancher after the show.

Hailey Nelson, Staff Writer

Last Tuesday, the Mayfield High School choirs and the Mayfield Middle School Vocal Dimensions performed their last concert for the school year.

At the concert, four choirs performed: The high school’s Concert Choir, Chorale, the show choir, and the middle school’s show choir. Junior Olivia Culp, who takes Honors Chorale, said seeing the other choirs perform gave variety to the concert and made the experience more interesting. “I think having other choirs perform at the concert is a good idea because it allows a broader range of performances at the show and draws more people to come to the concert,” she said.

Junior Lara Nunez-Cerrillo, a member of the Limited Edition show choir, thinks having the eighth grade show choir, Vocal Dimensions, perform at the concert allowed the middle schoolers to consider pursuing choir as they enter high school. She said, “I loved watching Vocals because then we get to encourage them to keep singing, and it’s great to see younger generations.”

Similarly, freshman Emily Foliett believes that seeing other choirs is enlightening and gave her choir a chance to recognize what they may need to improve upon. She said, “It was good to see the other choirs perform because we saw how they perform in different ways and we can learn from them to become better.”

When performing on stage for the high school show choir, Culp pointed out that her favorite song from her performance was a ballad. She said, “My favorite piece from the concert was ‘Hold Your Dream’ because there is so much power behind the lyrics, ‘hold your dream, don’t ever let it go. Be yourself, and let the world take notice.’ Being able to sing those lyrics to an audience that is often filled with kids trying to hold on to their own dream, and encourage them through this song is a great opportunity.”

However, Nunez-Cerrillo found that the in-between acts, the small acts that the choir students did in between each choir performance, were very amusing. She said, “My favorite piece was probably Nate [Muhlach], Nick [Korzhiletsky], Thomas [Muhlbach], and Daniel [Alverio]’s ‘Man or a Muppet’ during their in-between act.”

But for Foliett, she found that one of the pieces from her Concert Choir performance was her favorite. She said, “My favorite piece, I would say, was ‘Children Will Listen’.”

For many choir students, simply being in the choir is a great experience. Culp said, “I love being in choir because it allows me to have a break to learn music throughout the school day and eventually be able to perform with my friends in concerts.”

Nunez-Cerrillo believes that being in the choir forms friendships with many different kinds of people. She said, “I love [Limited Edition] because it’s a chance to sing and dance and you get to meet so many great people.”

For Foliett, joining the choir helped her become better adapted to entering high school. She said, “My experience in choir has been amazing. I’ve met new people and friends. I’ve gotten closer to friends and I feel like I belong there.”

So will the students continue to pursue choir next year? For Culp, she admits she’ll definitely return. She said, “I love singing, and many of my friends are in the choir as well.”

Similarly, Nunez-Cerrillo believes that her love for singing will be forever a part of her. She said, “I do plan on doing choir next year because singing is such a big part of my life and I want to do it all throughout high school.”

However, Foliett believes that she will not be able to take another choir class her sophomore year. She said, “I wish I could do choir next year but I don’t have any slots available in my schedule. Plus, I’m focusing on art to see if I would enjoy it and maybe choose it as my major in college.”