Frisbee Club works around harsh weather


Photo by: Jonathan Gaudio

Member Yukun Wang blocks junior Paul Zito from throwing the frisbee to the opposing team.

Catherine Coppersmith, Guest Writer

Frisbee Club is a year-round, all weather sport, but challenges arise when figuring out how and when to play frisbee as the weather becomes harsher.

The club advisor, Brian Fancher, finds ways that allow the club to play indoors when fall weather disrupts the sport.

He said, “The past couple years, I’ve been able to arrange with the folks at Wildcats Sport and Fitness that we get to play in the field house attached to the high school after they close sometimes on the weekend.” 

Although Fancher is able to work with Wildcats Sport and Fitness to play in the field house, there are still challenges that arise when it comes to playing indoors.

“Once we are inside, in order to get that space we have to wait until they close. They close really late on weekdays, so that’s not really an option; we have to focus on the weekends when they close a little bit earlier, but even then, that very much limits our timing,” he said.

The student head of Frisbee Club, senior Ben Kloppman, feels that being able to play indoors during the winter adds to how the members play frisbee.

He said, “When we are inside the field house we are allowed to bounce it off the floor, so if we get a really good shot, we can get a trajectory off of the floor into the back corner and that can lead to some really cool plays that we couldn’t do outside.”

As the weather becomes colder, Fancher says getting a good turnout can be difficult.

According to Fancher, there are some students who really enjoy playing but don’t necessarily want to deal with unpleasant weather or playing inside, but then, there are others who enjoy the different playing areas much better than outside.

While Frisbee Club has grown, the amount of people attending the meetings has also increased. Since there are more people available to come to the meetings, the planning doesn’t depend on how many people will show.

Fancher said, “It gives us more flexibility because there is a larger pool of people to hopefully show up, and I think it’s great that over time even as some people have graduated they will come by and join us.”

Although the seasons may change, extracurricular activities or work schedules over the course of the year affect people’s flexibility more so. Fancher said, “I don’t think it necessarily has to do with the weather itself.” 

While playing indoors, there isn’t any wind, which is a stark contrast in comparison to playing outside.

“The biggest thing that helps us indoors is the lack of wind. You can get some really accurate shots way more than you could outside, but there is always the added level of challenge with the wind that sometimes makes it more fun,” said Kloppman.

Although, having to wait until after Wildcats Sport and Fitness can be a hurdle when getting people to attend. Kloppman said, “You can’t always go in through the front door in the field house. If you get there at a different time, you wouldn’t be able to just walk through the front doors. You have to walk in through the back way which may deter people from trying to play.”

Another member of the club, junior Vince Ruggieri, thinks frisbee indoors is very different in comparison to outside play. He said, “You never really know what’s going to happen. It could bounce off the floor, or it could bounce off a wall and come back into play, but that doesn’t usually happen outside.”

Even as the weather changes Fancher believes Frisbee Club is a place to hang out with peers in order to play frisbee together.

He said, “There is a level of consistency to it and comradery where its like ‘oh yeah its frisbee time’, and you get to play a game while having a good time with an awesome group of people. Having it available all year round lets it happen all the time and doesn’t limit that.”