Cheerleaders raise money for St. Jude


Nyah Rogers

The cheerleaders wear their St. Jude shirts on the sidelines at the annual St. Jude fundraiser game.

Nyah Rogers, Guest Writer

The Mayfield cheerleading team hosted an annual St. Jude fundraiser football game on Friday, September 13.

Head varsity coach Kristi Palmeri and the cheerleading squad take pride in the cause they supported. Palmeri said, “By being a cheerleader you can be a role model for the rest of the school by helping the school promote and raise money for charity. It is just something we have taken on as our philanthropy in the last four years.”

To bring awareness to the fundraiser there was a gold-themed football game and the cheer team had high expectations for the turn out of the game. “We just want to see everyone wearing gold to raise awareness for childhood cancer and then the cheerleaders will be decked out in gold as well,” she said.

The cheerleaders participating in the fundraiser were selling merchandise during all lunch periods. All proceeds will be donated to St. Jude’s, Palmeri said in the week before the fundraiser. “We are selling T-shirts that say ‘Be Bold Go Gold’. We are also selling gold ribbons where you can donate a dollar and write your name on the ribbon and the ribbons will be tied to the fence at the game. We are also having a basket raffle,” she said.

The cheerleading team is was throwing the fundraiser to make an impact. She said, “All of the money will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. St.Jude’s really makes a difference in the lives of children and families because they don’t charge any money for them to receive care, while their child is there.”

The parents, players, and students all played a part in the event. Palmeri said, “̈They have really done a lot to organize, but I think just hard work really makes it successful as well as like students being willing to participate and help us make a difference.”

The information went out to the community and students in various ways. Palmeri said, “We have been getting information out through the morning announcements and just through word of mouth, as well as on the Mayfield Website and post on social media.”

Palmeri thinks the cheer team worked and focused together as a team for a positive reason. “I feel like it allows us to focus on something more important that can really make a difference and not focus on things like drama,” she said.

Varsity cheerleader Morgan Williams agrees that the charity brings a positive focus. She said, It puts us in a stance where we just have to get things done and you can’t focus on other people when you’re doing something for a good cause.”

JV cheerleader Oliva Zak really enjoys the fundraiser. Zak said, ̈I like that the JV and Freshman are able to cheer at the varsity game and that is fun.”

Williams feels that her favorite part was the participation of the community. She said, “Seeing everyone with their shirts on at the game and seeing the parents there and how the kids give back and how Mayfield really cares.”

The preparation for the fundraiser had to do a lot with communication Williams believes. “We talk to each other we figure out things that we need to do we get involved and we go from there,” she said.

Palmeri has an estimated total of the money raised. She believes the total is around $3,500, all being donated to St.Jude’s.