Senior meets JoJo Siwa


Samaya Kala

Just seconds after Siwa was found inside Beachwood Mall, Samaya Kala snapped a picture of the two together

May McCollum, Guest Writer

When senior Samaya Kala was casually shopping through the Beachwood Mall, she would’ve never expected to run across every little girls’ idol, “Dance Mom” star JoJo Siwa.

Kala was shopping through the mall alongside a few friends, when she immediately noticed the excitement around the mall. Kala asked around and discovered Siwa was somewhere around the mall. She said, “It was coincidental because I knew she had a show in Cleveland, but I was shocked to hear that she was in the mall,the same time as me.”

After minutes of searching for Siwa, she finally gave up and returned back to Saks Avenue. Kala saw Siwa rummaging through clothing. She said,”Immediately I noticed she was wearing an bougie Gucci bedazzled outfit. I walked over and asked for a picture. I couldn’t believe I just met JoJo Siwa!”