Hoco arrives late: Hunting for the perfect dress


Mayfield Yearbook Staff

Members of the Sweet Sixteen, including Julianna Nicolli (left), Sydney Nicolli (center), and Bri Mosley (right), have needed to dress up multiple times in the last two weeks. They are seen dancing “The Funk” at the Hoco bonfire on Wednesday, Oct. 23.

Hailey Nelson, Staff Write

As students partake in the many Homecoming events, they also have to purchase their outfits for the big night. For the female population, this means weeks of searching for the perfect dress.

As upperclassmen, juniors often already have their routine down when it comes to buying their dresses. Junior Jaiden Veranese said, “I get my homecoming dresses past and present at Dillard’s. They always have a great selection for me to choose from.”

Meanwhile, the underclassmen weigh their options when buying their dresses from stores. Sophomore Shelby Segall said, “At first, I had planned to get my dress at Windsor. However, my mom and I went to the mall and purchased my dress at Macy’s.”

Similarly, freshman Noella Senra agrees that Macy’s was a good store to find a dress, even in her last-minute shopping. She said, “I was able to get my homecoming dress through Macy’s online store.”

When it comes to the style of the dress, students often have different preferences as to what color their dress should be as well. Veranese said, “I love neutral tan colors or a dark/navy blue for homecoming dresses.”

For Segall, a color that stands out more is perfect for homecoming dresses. She said, “My favorite color for homecoming dresses would have to be either royal blue or emerald green.”

Meanwhile freshmen, being their first year of attending homecoming, attempt to figure out what they like when it comes to their style. In her opinion, Senra found that simple colors look best on homecoming dresses. She said, “I love red, pink, and blue colors on homecoming dresses.”

When it comes to designs, students also have varying preferences as to what they want to purchase.

For Veranese, she knows exactly what she likes. She said, “I love longer dresses that have some kind of design on it. Simple, but makes a statement!”

Segall agrees that longer dresses are a nice choice when it comes to her dress. She said, “My favorite style is either high-low dresses or bodycon.”

On the other hand, Senra is very particular about styles that are more on the other side of the spectrum. She said, “I really like short dresses, either two piece or a lined dress with some kind of design.”

Not only do the students need to like the color and style of their dresses, but in some cases, they also have to match with their date for homecoming.

However, Veranese isn’t planning to match with a date this year. She said, “I believe it’s a lot more enjoyable to go with friends. Nonetheless, I do understand how hard it is because a couple can disagree on their homecoming colors/selection, which can become a hassle.”

But for Segall, she plans on attending homecoming with a group of friends and her boyfriend.

She said, “I wanted to match with my boyfriend this year. He already had a yellow tie, and my dress is light yellow. It was a bit stressful because the colors didn’t quite match, so we found a tie that matched.”

However, Senra understands that matching with a date for homecoming can become an unnecessary hassle. She said, “I didn’t have to match my homecoming dress with a date this year, [since] I’m going with friends!”

The theme for Mayfield High School’s homecoming this year is A Walk On the Red Carpet. As students approach the end of homecoming week, and the big football game draws near, they eagerly anticipate their homecoming on Oct. 26.