Students spend time in various ways outside school


Petr Kratochvil, Public Domain

As students get excited for the holidays, one of their favorite activities is to drive around and look at the holiday light displays.

Hailey Nelson, Staff Writer

As midterms draw near, students are beginning to prepare for the end of the semester, but how are students spending their days off?  According to several students, they’re keeping busy in several ways.

Junior Raina Hubbard admits she has schoolwork and housework on her mind.  She said, “On a typical weekend I usually do the homework that I was assigned. If I don’t have homework, then I usually create anything artistic until my mom tells me to do some chores.”

However, junior Lauren Barnes said she chooses to spend time with the people closest to her.  “During the weekend, I usually visit family out of town. I also watch cartoons and spend time with my parents,” she said.

Similarly, sophomore Alli Wank takes the time to enjoy other people’s company. “I like to hang out with my friends and go out,” Wank said.  “I get so bored just sitting at home all the time, [so] I actually find it relaxing to go out.”

When it comes to her friends, Hubbard can also agree that spending time with them can lift her spirits. “I usually try my best to hang out with friends and when I can, we’re going out to games and having a good time,” Hubbard said. “But no matter what I do, we usually always get food. Usually we go to Harry Buffalo, but we make do when it’s not a possibility.”

For Barnes, she agrees that spending time with her friends is important too. Barnes said, “I sometimes have time to visit and spend time with friends over the weekends. I enjoy catching up and talking about how life has been. Sometimes my friends and I will go see a movie or eat out at a restaurant we like.”

However, Wank finds that spending time with her friends gives her a break from the stress of a long week at school.  The sophomore said, “I make time to hang out with my friends often because I feel that overworking is bad and unhealthy so I make time to do things that I enjoy. We go to the mall and to each other’s houses to watch movies and things like that.”

While being with friends can be exciting or refreshing, Hubbard believes taking care of herself is also important. She said, “When I want to have some real fun, I stay home and have a self-care day. I think those self-care days are some of the best.”

Wank, however, views every day as an adventure, in which she can explore and find new places to hang out with others. She said, “When I want to have fun, I go anywhere that is new and interesting. I feel like when you always go to the same mall or theater, it gets boring. I find it fun sometimes just to drive out to a new grocery store for the experience!”

Similarly, as the winter season draws closer and the snow begins to fall, students may also look for seasonal activities to do on their days off. For Hubbard, she said, “During the winter, I really enjoy sitting by the fire with a blanket and listening to stories with my family. But on a more extreme note, I love tobogganing! I’ve only been once and it was some of the most fun I’ve had.”

On the other hand, Barnes is more excited for the holiday aspect of the winter season, in which her musical and creative side shines through. She said, “During the winter, I love singing along to Christmas music and wrapping gifts.”

For Wank, she enjoys a wide variety of activities that come with the season. She said, “I actually like to take advantage of the cold and have movie nights! Also, I think skating is really fun to do in the winter. Driving around and looking at the Christmas lights is nice and I enjoy how pretty they are.”

Winter break begins after the fifth-period exam on Thursday, Dec. 19.  Students will have 17 days off school before classes resume on Monday, Jan. 6.