Sophomore football player strives to make varsity


La Sa

In a JV football game last season, sophomore Tyler Nungesser heads for the end zone.

Indy Dhillon, Guest Writer

Tyler Nungesser is working in the offseason to achieve his goal of making the varsity football team next year.

The sophomore is working to improve his stamina and strength. He said, “The first half is running for the endurance part and the second half is weight lifting. We workout with the football team, but I workout with my friends, Nathan and Fennell.”

Workouts take place in the morning and in the afternoon, where players perform a variety of different workouts. Nungesser said, “With weight lifting you have to be really fast ‘cause I play wide receiver, so when I’m not lifting weights, I’ll go up to the football field and do some ladders, run some routes with quarterback Michael Huss.”

Nungesser said that his inspiration for working out is Andy Isabella, an NFL wide receiver who went to Mayfield High School. Nungesser said that Isabella “shows that anybody can do it and he’s not the biggest person. It just shows that a person from a small-town like Mayfield can go anywhere.”

Nungesser said that he has made a lot of progress through working out in preparation for the upcoming football season. He said, “I’m actually proud of myself but I know I can do more. I know I can get better each and every week.”

Not only does the sophomore work out physically, he said that he is also trying to prepare himself mentally. He said. “Sometimes I do yoga when I’m not working out just to get that mindset, because I like to clear my mind and think about what I can achieve coming up to the next year of football.”

Nungesser’s motive is not just to become a better football player for the team, but he also wants to become a better person. He said, “I wanna show my family and my friends that I could do anything that I put my mind to and that’s why I’m doing all of this: working out two times a day, getting stronger.”