Senior applies, prepares for college


Chris Light, Wikimedia Commons

Senior Harshit Rangu has applied to many schools, including Miami University in Oxford, OH.

Jonathan Caryl, Guest Writer

Senior Harshit Rangu recently underwent the process of applying to college.

Rangu has taken a recent interest in computer science. “At first I wanted to major in astronomy but about a year ago I changed my potential major to computer science,” he said.

Paying for college is one of the things he is “worried about.” Rangu said, “ I’m an immigrant so I’m not a permanent resident so I don’t get any scholarships…I don’t get any financial aid or anything.”

Rangu describes feeling “excited and scared” about going to college. “I’m excited to live alone, away from my parents but I’m also scared that I’m leaving,” he said.

He applied to multiple schools with the majority being in state. “I’ve applied to Ohio State, Miami, Baldwin Wallace, Bowling Green, Cleveland State and just a few other colleges out of state like Penn State and Purdue,” he said.

Going to school with people he knows is “very important.” He said, “Once you’re going to college there are a lot of people that you don’t know so it’s good to have a couple friends.”

Rangu has already planned out his occupation in school and after school. He said, “I plan on just going to an education center and tutoring students during college just because I’ve done that before and I really like it. After college I plan on becoming a computer scientist.”

Although he doesn’t have a dream school, he has a significant factor in which college he decides upon. “I just want to go to where my friends go just because I have people that I know,” he said.

His application process to college was “last minute.” “I have a reputation of doing things at the last minute so I just did the same thing for applying to colleges,” he said.

Most importantly, Rangu is feeling grateful. “I’m just glad that I can get into a college,” he said.