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‘The Mandalorian’ outshines expectations


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The Mandalorian, played by actor Pedro Pascal, checks his surroundings for danger.

Indy Dhillon and Tyler Nungesser

If you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure, head over to Disney+ and watch the first season of the new Star Wars show “The Mandalorian.”

Among the prime reasons we recommend “The Mandalorian” are the thrilling and unpredictable storyline, plot, and setting of the show.

The show takes place on many different planets, such as Nevarro, Arvala-7, and Sorogon. Each planet has a different climate and a different nature. According to producer Jon Favreau, the show takes place five years after the fall of the empire in the sixth Star Wars movie.

The show’s protagonist is named Mandalorian (or Mando). He encounters many friends throughout the season, along with many enemies.

Starting with friends, Mando receives help from Kuill and Cara Dune as Mando escapes the dangers that approach him. The enemies consist of many people, but the main person who wants Mando dead most is Moff Gideon, a character that will stop at nothing to round up people to get “The Child.”

The main conflict for Mando is to avoid getting killed. Everyone is after him because he has a prized possession that is worth a lot of money. There are many intense fights that Mando encounters and he faces life-threatening situations multiple times.

Not only did we enjoy the plot, but the acting was outstanding and impressive. The actors did a phenomenal job in playing their roles, which improved the overall quality of the show.

Actor Pedro Pascal plays Mando. The actor does an incredible job portraying the Mandalorian because his body and verbal language is so clear and concise that the audience can tell the emotions that the character experiences. Therefore, Pascal’s performance was very effective in portraying a brave and smart, yet emotional character.

While Carl Weathers may be well-known for his role as Apollo Creed in the “Rocky” movies, he plays bounty guild leader Greef Karga. At the beginning, Karga is a character that is greedy for the best cut but eventually realizes the importance of working together with the Mandalorian, rather than against him. Weathers executes his role effectively due to his well-spoken dialogue that demonstrates his character’s leadership qualities as a guild leader.

The visual quality of “The Mandalorian” was outstanding and definitely did not fail to impress local viewers. Math teacher Joe Nidy is amazed by the tremendous quality that the show offers. He said, “I’m amazed by the production [of the show] and how that they can afford to do some of the things they do: cinema and tv.”

While “The Mandalorian” may be a unique and unpredictable show, it has some underlying characteristics such as the story that let us draw comparisons with similar shows. Nidy believes that the show is quite similar to “Breaking Bad” due to Mando and Walter White’s characters being somewhat similar. “[Mando’s] gotta make a decision that’s against his code but he’s doing it because he thinks that’s what’s best for the child,” said Nidy.

While the whole first season was enjoyable to watch due to its action-packed and unpredictable storyline, the show can get better. The show is very good, however, we would like to see the producers give viewers more such as more characters with more storylines and flashbacks.

After watching “The Mandalorian”, we would give the show a 9.5 out of 10 Baby Yodas. We believe that the show has room to improve despite how good the first season was.

Title: The Mandalorian Season 1
Length: 8 Episodes, 30 min
Starring Actors: Pedro Pascal, Carl Weathers, Rio Hackford
Director(s): Dave Filoni, Rick Famuyiwa, Deborah Chow
Producer: Jon Favreau
Rating: TV-PG
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Fun Fact: Animators used Epic Games’ Unreal Engine that was used to create Fortnite.
Rating from Rotten Tomatoes: 95%
Our rating: 9.5 out of 10 Baby Yodas