Coronavirus closure: Senior athlete, family exercise at home


Andy Isabella

Senior Joe Isabella (center) does yoga with two of his sisters.

Indy Dhillon, Guest Writer

Over the course of the stay-at-home order, Joe Isabella and his family have improved their overall health.

Isabella said that his family has helped him improve his overall health through numerous physical and mental exercises. He said, “We’ve been going to the basement to do yoga, finding online exercises, and doing it as a family together.”

Isabella said that he has been enjoying the time he has gotten to spend with his family, including his older brother Andy, an NFL wide receiver. Isabella said, “[I] usually [work out with] my brother Andy, and sometimes the whole family and we go to the basement. We’ve got a couple of weights down there to do stuff like at-home exercises.”

Because Isabella’s also an athlete, he has been relying on physical workouts in order to stay fit. He said, “We do stuff like push-ups, sit-ups, and we have dumbbells so we do squats with the dumbbells and lunges and all kinds of body-weight workouts.”

Mentally, Isabella says his health has “gotten better” over the course of the stay-at-home order. He said, “There’s so much free time that I’ve been able to talk with my friends and play video games with my friends and connect with people. You start to learn new hobbies— yoga I’m starting to learn now too so it’s a lot of new stuff.”

Physically, Isabella believes he’s become more flexible as a result of doing yoga. Isabella said, “I know flexibility helps you run fast so I hope that pays off when I go outside again. I just got injured so hopefully [flexibility] will help with that [preventing future injures].”

Emotionally, Isabella says that he has maintained a happy state since the stay-at-home order. He said, “This is the first time in four years that our whole family is home at once for an extended period of time so it’s been fun to get that feeling again with everybody at home. Obviously I don’t like staying inside but I like having everyone home for this time.”

Other than improving their health, Isabella says his family has focused on their leisure time activities as well. He said, “My little sister Lauren and older sister Anna go in the garage and paint for hours every day. Everyone just has their own activities.”

Isabella said that his parents’ strict guidelines on screen time have helped him out a lot. He said, “Overall, my health has improved because my parents have been limiting my screen time which has allowed me to really work on [the] hobbies [that] I enjoy most.”