Regardless: Lady Wildcat soccer team has historical season


The varsity girls soccer team celebrates their first district championship in school history. Photo by Michael Bissell.

JOE DENARDO, Staff Writer

The Mayfield Lady Wildcats will not hang their heads as they walk off in defeat. I’m not talking about the heartbreaking playoff loss to North Royalton, but the embarrassing tug-of-war defeat with their Junior Varsity counterparts pulling off the upset at the annual United Way assembly—(which by the way didn’t hold a candle to the Catette v. Cheerleader benches clearing spectacle or the fall of “Baller Like Symptoms” at the hands of “Master of Disaster” Eric Frei and his faculty dodge ball team).

Regardless, the Girls Soccer team had one of the greatest runs in school history—including a playoff upset over Mentor that I couldn’t attend because…well I work at a fish market.

BUT REGARDLESS, there is not an ounce of regret as the Lady Wildcats left it all on the pitch with stellar, Amari Williams-esque numbers put up by Junior Sis Handel and her assist-happy counterpart Krissy Blanchard, who has bionic screws in her legs and could probably still out run me for a hustle play at mid-field. (It’s not a challenge…It’s a fact!)

AGAIN REGARDLESS, with Senior Carolyn Ford saving goals like Tim Howard at a Positive Thinking Seminar, the team flung themselves headfirst into the playoffs and never looked back.

So regardless, cheers to a team that refused to accept defeat and gave it their all in the Vastly Under-appreciated Beautiful Game where a group of girls united a community behind their synchronized play.