Track athletes mourn loss of spring season


Mayfield Yearbook Staff

Anna Blum runs in the Metroparks near Squire’s Castle. The canceled track season meant Blum and other seniors missed out on the opportunity to compete one more time for Mayfield.

Hailey Nelson, Staff Writer

Due to the state-wide lockdown, many students have had to abandon their cross-curricular activities, such as the musical and spring sports. Athletes on the track and field team said they’re especially disappointed to not compete this season.

Sophomore Mykenna Roy said this season would have been extremely important for her. “I’m actually really sad [because] I was supposed to letter in track last year, but I dislocated my shoulder and was unable to compete further. So this year, I worked really hard in indoor track in hopes of excelling in the outdoor season, only for it to be cancelled,” she said.

Junior Alexis Ochi, who had participated in cross country last fall, was extremely excited for this track season. She said, “It really sucks. This was my first season of track, and I barely got to experience it.”

With the current lockdown, some runners are also trying to find the time to remain in shape and continue running. For Roy, she tries her best to get a workout in whenever she can. She said, “I’ve been doing workouts for an hour on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. I get up early to work out from 7-8am (before I get into my schoolwork) and it’s really refreshing because I feel so energized after.”

Sophomore Sam Stenroos found that track had been his motivation when it came to working out and running. Because of this, he has been finding it difficult to take the time to go for a run. He said, “To be honest, I haven’t been running lately. I think it’s due to the belief that there’s no point in trying if there’s no track season.”

But what Roy and most runners miss most about the track season is the idea of being on a team and running with others. Roy said, “I miss the people, for sure. The atmosphere is so fun and lighthearted as a thrower, and we all built each other up. I quit basketball because I felt excluded, but I loved track because my teammates would always hype me up, even after a bad performance.”

Similarly, Stenroos also misses his teammates and being able to practice with them every day. He said, “I miss my friends mostly, but also the feeling of improvement and accomplishment.”

For Ochi, the routine of practices each week and having a set amount of time to run was really helpful for her to stay in shape. She said, “I miss having a designated time to run and workout since it helped me stay motivated to get back in shape. It was also a great way to get outside almost every day.”

Roy and some of the runners also mentioned that the worst part about the cancellation of the track season was that there was never a proper send-off for the seniors. Roy said, “I wish I could thank them for all their wisdom, support, and encouragement over the past two years – and the rides home… I really appreciate them for that too.”

In Stenroos’ case, the seniors were very helpful in helping the underclassmen learn the ropes of the team and the meets. They also made the season more enjoyable in general. He said, “I would thank all of them for the good times and helpful tips.”

Since she will become a senior next year, Ochi believes that the seniors this year have given her plenty of tips and guidance so that she may be able to follow in their footsteps. She said, “I would thank them for their support and their encouragement in both track and cross country.”